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Getting To Know: Box Elder Coach Ryan Tyler And The Bees

What is your lacrosse experience? Did you play or have previous coaching experience?

I played two years of lacrosse in high school for Box Elder before graduating. After high school I spent the next four years helping with Box Elder’s boys lacrosse team. In the 2015/2016 school year Box Elder decided to form a girls lacrosse team. I decided I want to try that and became an assistant coach with the girls team for 2 years before becoming the head coach this year.

How did you become the coach at Box Elder?
The previous head coach had to step down for personal reasons. Being the assistant coach, I was asked to move up and take the head coaching job.

What is some advice you’d give a new program starting up?

Be patient, it’s usually a pretty rough start with a brand new team, but rules and concepts will slowly start making sense to you and your team. Just have fun and enjoy growing the game.

Who is a player we should know about?

Sydney Shakespear, No. 8. Syd has been improving her shot and her ability to initiate down at X.

What is the strongest part of your teams game?

We have a lot of different girls on the team who are comfortable handling the ball.

Kayla McCormick, No. 28 and Shae Johnson, No. 22. Kayla and Shae have stepped up and shown a lot of leadership this year. Both are strong midfield players that have a lot of experience under their belts.

Sounds like a team ready to take on a challenge. They have a lot of potential to move up and have a coach who is motivated to win. We love to see the game grow and wish Box Elder Coach Ryan Tyler and his team all the best this year. — Chad

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