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Girls Lacrosse: Breakout Player Watchlist

Savannah Ernst (left) guarding Ashley Tack (right)

Marina Mayo (Senior – M – Park City)
2015: 33 Goals, 16 Assists, 29 GB’s, 11 CT’s
No. 1 is Fresno State commit Marina Mayo. Mayo has been one Park City’s top players since first stepped foot on the field. She was also listed as one of the top players in the west by Lacrosse Magazine. In her senior season, Mayo will look to have an even better season in 2016.
Tiffiny Wallace (Senior – M – Brighton)
2015: 51 Goals, 21 Assists, 27 GB’s, 14 CT’s
Fellow Fresno State commit, Tiffiny Wallace, comes next. She had a phenomenal season last year and now, in her senior season, Wallace will look to leave her mark on the state.
Savannah Ernst (Sophomore – M – American Fork)
2015: 53 goals, 21 Assists, 31 GB’s, 8 CT’s
Savannah Ernst exploded onto the scene last year with a very impressive freshman season. If you didn’t know her name at the start of the season, you did at the end. Ernst will continue to be dominant and will only get better as she gains more experience.
Bergan McArdle (Senior – A – Brighton)
2015: 16 Goals, 25 Assists, 25 GB’s, 7 CT’s
Bergan McArdle had a successful season in 2015 but was overshadowed by Mo Osterloh and Tiffiny Wallace. In 2016 McArdle will need to fill big shoes in order for the Bengals to be successful and I believe she will.
Skye Rust (Sophomore – A – Lone Peak)
2015: 40 Goals, 19 Assists, 15 GB’s, 3 CT’s
Skye Rust was the top freshman to watch in 2015 and her freshman season did not disappoint as she lead Lone Peak in scoring and won all state honors. Don’t expect Rust to slow down any time soon. She will be needed to lead the charge for the Knights and she should have an even more prolific year in 2016.
Kimber Hower (Freshman – G – Brighton)
2015: No stats
Kimber Hower is the lone freshman to make the list. Hower committed to the University of North Carolina before she played her first high school game. Hower is a game changer and should become a household name before the end of the 2016 season.
Ellie Faulk (Junior – M – Park City)
2015: 22 Goals, 13 Assists, 16 GB’s, 6 CT’s
Next on the list is Ellie Faulk. Faulk did not disappoint in 2015 and with the departure of major Park City seniors, Faulk will need to be even more productive in 2016 for the Miners to continue their success. I expect faulk will, once again, not disappoint.
London Mohowski (Sophomore – A – Lone Peak)
2015: 27 Goals, 12 Assists, 25 GB’s, 0 CT’s
London Mohowski is the second half of the one-two punch at Lone Peak. Mohowski and Skye Rust communicate perfectly on the field and are able to find each other no matter what. Mohowski is just heating up and I expect her numbers to drastically increase in 2016.
Olivia Heiner (Junior – M – Skyline)
2015: 25 Goals, 6 Assists, 23 GB’s, 10 CT’s
As predicted, Olivia Heiner’s stats rose from 2014 to 2015. Once again, Heiner is going to be the main source of points for the Eagles. I expect to see her stats rise again and that offensive production will be important for Skyline this season.
Malorie Whitworth (Senior – D – Lone Peak)
2015: 0 Goals, 1 Assist, 30 GB’s, 11 CT’s
Senior defender, Malorie Whitworth has flown under the radar a little bit. She may be one of the best one on one defenders in the state. Her field sense plus her power makes her very difficult for opposing attackers. Watch for Whitworth to be a defensive force in 2016.
Nici Boutwell (Junior – D – Brighton)
2015: 4 Goals, 5 Assists, 20 GB’s, 11 CT’s
Nici Boutwell has been relatively quiet but I expect her to break out in 2016. Boutwell’s lock down defense will be important to anchor the Bengal defense.
Jeni Gordon (Junior – A – Park City)
2015: 18 Goals, 8 Assists, 23 GB’s, 4 CT’s
Next up is Jeni Gordon. Gordon had a good season in 2015 but, as with Faulk, Gordon will be needed to add fire power to the young Miner’s team. I expect Gordon to more than rise to that challenge. Watch for Gordon’s stats to rise and for her to become a prolific scorer.
Shelby Madden (Senior – A – Corner Canyon)
2015: 40 Goals, 2 Assists, 16 GB’s, 2 CT’s
Shelby Madden has provided the bulk of the Corner Canyon offense for the past three years. This season will be no different. Madden should have another high scoring season.
Hannah King (Senior – M – Lone Peak)
2015: 15 Goals, 10 Assists, 38 GB’s, 18 CT’s
Hannah King has been a relatively unknown player. Her head coach, Nikki Dabrowski, expects great things from her and so do I. Put into the right positions and given confidence, King could be an All-American waiting to break out and this should be that season.
Audree Erekson (Senior – M – Herriman)
2015: 30 Goals, 5 Assists, 35 GB’s, 15 CT’s
The Mustangs will look to her to lead their attack this season. She has a nose for the ball and I expect her to get a lot more touches this year. Erekson’s numbers should increase and she could have a viable argument for player of the year, should she lead her team out of the regular season and into the postseason.
Freshman to Watch
As a bonus, we put together a small freshman to watch list. These freshman made an immediate impact on their teams and on the U-15 National team.
Shay Henderson (Attack – Park City)
Mallory Van Woerkom (D – American Fork)
Ali Fullmer (Mid – Riverton)
Alissa Johnson (Mid – Olympus)
Parker Seifert (D – Park City)

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