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Hannah Hyatt Commits to Boston College

Hannah Hyatt

Park City Midfielder Hannah Hyatt has committed to play for Boston College. Hyatt also plays for the Pacific Falcons, a club team based in California.
“When I went to visit BC I absolutely fell in love with everything there,” said Hyatt. “The campus, the classes, and of course the lacrosse team. When I went to visit BC, the girls that toured me around and that I stayed with really showed me what it was like to be an Eagle. What drew me to the lacrosse program was that I love the coaches. All of them were so nice to me and we just really clicked when we started talking.”
Hyatt, who is a Junior this season, reminds players that it’s not about when you decide to commit.
“In the recruiting process I think other kids should know that it doesn’t matter when you decided to commit,” said Hyatt. “There is this rumor going around the lacrosse world saying that kids should be committing by the end of their sophomore year which is very very early. I think a lot of kids these days might be committing to the first offer they get and don’t take into account the confounding variables.”
Hannah Hyatt
Hyatt also offers wise advice when considering a school.
“Throughout my recruiting process my coaches would always tell me that when I looked at a school, to take the “broken leg test,” said Hyatt. “If I had broken my leg, would I still want to go to that school? Make sure that the school is prefect for you. Don’t just commit to commit. Make sure it is the perfect school for you athletic wise and also academic wise. For other kids who are looking to play at the next level, if there are a few schools in their minds, they have to go to camps. Coaches don’t only want to see their recruits play in game like situations, they also want to know if they are coachable. So going to camps is a great way to show them that they are coachable, and its a great way to see the campus for the first time. Also to be able to play at the next level, its not only about improving and keeping up your athletic ability, but grades are extremely important.”
Hyatt also acknowledges her high school coach, Amy Hafets, and her parents in helping get recruited.
“My parents have done so much to help with my recruiting process. They might not have known everything that was going on but they sure were learning along the way, just like I was. To other kids, I know that people tell them all the time that parents can really help with the recruiting process, well listen to that advice and don’t take it for granted. Without my parents I wouldn’t have been able to get recruited and go to tournaments or other things that really helped to get me seen by colleges.”Boston College is a NCAA D-I team and compete in the ACC conference. Hyatt also was considering Northwestern.
Hannah Hyatt

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