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High School Girls: Mid-Season Player of the Year Watchlist

girls high school power rankings week 3
Photo: Betsey Bowen / Utah Lacrosse News

At the midpoint of the 2018 girls season, we at Utah Lacrosse News decided to put together a list of top players in the state based on their performances so far. One of our girls contributors, Chad Martin, did a great job ranking the top-25 players in the state from the league’s teams based on research from coaches and lacrosse junkies. Don’t agree with our picks? Share in the comments who you think should be ranked.

Lone Peak’s Elise Winger (Betsey Bowen/Utah Lacrosse News)

1. Elise Winger, Lone Peak (Goals-9, Assists-6, Groundballs-21, CTO-7)

How did she snag my number one spot you ask? Well, when your team is undefeated and your coach says things like she “has become our biggest threat” and “she’s the definition of a defensive midfielder” you belong here. Easy choice; best player on the best team…so far.

2. Aleska Allen, Herriman (Goals-13, Assists-15, Groundballs-23, CTO-14)

A player who Coach Allen refers to as “our quarterback” and “the most unselfish player on the team.” For me, Aleska Allen’s unmeasurable skill is having the ability to make her teammates better.

3. Savannah Ernst, American Fork (Goals-35)

She is averaging a league leading nine points per game. An explosive and smart player she dominates other teams and turns their mistakes into points. A player coach Langhaim can depend on to keep her teammates heads and hearts in the game.

4. Brianna Baumann, Park City (Goals-10, Assists-8, CTO-5)

One of Park City’s many outstanding players. Brianna will be finish the year as one of the leagues top goal scorers but will also have double digit caused turnovers.

5. Kenadee Hatch, Viewmont  (Goals-20, Assists-17, Groundballs-37, CTO-7)

One player on the list that ranks in the top 5 for goals, assists, and ground balls on a weekly basis. Her style of play reminds me of the old Northwestern Wildcat great and current Michigan head coach Hanna Neilsen.

6. Gabrielle Nixon, Park City  (Goals-10, Assists-6, Groundballs-4, 4 CTO)

Earning more respect from coaches and players league wide day by day. Nixon has game for days. Don’t let the low totals fool you she could easily move into top 5.

7. Logann Eldredge, Herriman (Goals-31, Assists-8, Groundballs-21, CTO-4)  A player her coach referred to as “Robin Hood” for her precision shooting. Something every team needs is a sniper that can break a solid goalie down.

8. Portia Card, American Fork  (Goals-15, Assists-14, CTO-4, 56% draw control)

An efficient players who has great field vision and takes care of the ball. Card is a young player with ability and potential that has yet to be fully reached.

Riverton’s Alisha Fullmer.

9. Alisha Fullmer, Riverton (Goals-16, Assists-6, Groundballs-26, CTO-10)

Fullmer makes up one half of Riverton’s stiff one-two punch. The Junior can really help shake things up if Riverton can keep depending on her constant tenacity.

10. Danni Westerman, Viewmont (Goals-25, Assists-8, Groundballs-28, CTO-5, 65.3% draw control)

Part of a young trio of solid Viking players. Really hard to not move higher up with 84 draws taken for her team.

11. Courtney Middleton, West Jordan (Goals-9, Assists-4, Groundballs-33, CTO-12, 60% draw control)

West Jordan had the best start in its programs history due in large part to the play of Middleton. She will be the major cog in the Jaguar machine the rest of the year.

12. Maya Lightfoot, Herriman (Goals-16, Assists-8, Groundballs-10, CTO-1) True to her name, last year’s top goal scorer is one of the fastest players in the state. Coach Allen knows “any situation is an isolation when Lightfoot has the ball.”

13. Catherine Weaver, Woods Cross (Goals-17, Assists-3, Groundballs-35, CTO-14, 46% draw control on 54 taken)

The Wildest Wildcat. Leads her team in every way. A strong player that carries her team and has no problem doing it. Super reliable and smart with the ball.

14. Skye Rust, Lone Peak (Goals-27, Assists-13, Groundballs-13, CTO-10)

A player Coach Kendra Robinson calls “ The Swiss-Army knife” for a team that seems sharp enough already.

15. Alisa Johnson, Olympus (Goals-16, Assists-1, Groundballs-8, CTO-1)

The thing that doesn’t translate into stats is finding a way to hurt the other team no matter what they throw at you. Many coaches agree the key to stopping the Titans involves shutting her down.

16. Hallie Clark, Viewmont (Goals-17, Assists-10, Groundballs-14, CTO-2)

Viewmont has quite a group of young players who seem to rotate showcasing their abilities. Sometimes when you have so many good players they cannibalize opportunities for each other.

17. Jaimeson Meyer,  Waterford  (Goals-18, Assists-5, Groundballs-21, CTO-6, 43.8% draw control)

In Waterford’s win over previously undefeated Roy, Meyer came through with 7 goals to help the Ravens upset the Royals 16-5.

18. Madalyn DeGarlais, Roy (Goals-13, Assists-9, Groundballs-35, CTO-11) Maybe I undervalue her contributions and R.P.I. of teams faced so far. A strong player for sure, either way not moving much higher up on the list yet until I see her play.

19. Paige Williams, Jordan  (Goals-13, Assists-6, Groundballs-32, CTO-11)

A good fundamental player that keeps the flow of her team’s game strong.

Park City’s Shaye Henderson (Betsey Bowen/Utah Lacrosse News)

20. Shaye Henderson, Park City (Goals-7, Assists-9, Groundball-12, CTO-6) One of the reasons Park City is so successful is it boasts players like Henderson. Well-rounded and high Lax I.Q. are often used when describing Henderson.

21. Lindsay Miller, Bingham  (Goals-9, Assists-4, Groundballs-16, CTO-10) Bingham has produced some of the best defenders in the history of girls lacrosse within the state. Having said that the girls game is undoubtedly the hardest sport to be a great defender in period. And Miller seems to be tapping into the Miner lineage.

22. Maddison Andrews, Corner Canyon (Goals-12, Assists-10, Groundballs-16, CTO-2, 56.9% draw control)

A coach’s dream. A player who is motivated to be better everyday. “She’s a girl that doesn’t understand the word quit,” according to Charger head coach Taylor Dahl. Dahl has also said that, “Madi plays with unparalleled tenacity and drive.”

23. Logan Cook Riverton (Goals-14, Assists-3, Groundballs-7, CTO-2, 68.4% draw control)

When Riverton needs the ball off the draw Cook seems to really come through. Her dominant performance in the midfield is the reason Riverton is back at the top this year.

24. Hanna Balle, West Jordan (Goals-18, Assists-3, Groundballs-18, CTO-1, 63.6% draw control)

Part of West Jordan’s early success this year was in large part due to the big games Belle has had this year. The Jags will be hard to beat as long as she is winning the draw.

25. London Mohowski, Lone Peak (Goals-17, Assists-3, Groundballs-10, CTO-5) Against Viewmont this year London balled out. She was a huge reason they won and will continue to do so.


  1. Would really love to see you put together a list like this that would include/acknowledge the defensive players. Defenders and goalies work hard so their team mates can shine. It would be nice to throw a little recognition their way.

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