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High School Team at a Glance: Lone Peak Girls

The high school girls’ season is just a few short days away. Get to know the Lone Peak Knights at a glance.
Head Coach: Nikkala Dabrowski (New)
2015 record: 7-5
2015 playoffs: Missed Playoffs
Who on your team do you expect to be a stand out player this coming season?
Skye Rust, center and top scorer; Brenne Wilcox, goalie; Malorie Whitworth, defensive power house.
Who is returning to the team that fans may not know but should? 
London Mohowski, another top scorer; Hannah King, all around solid player in midfield.
lone-peak-logoWho are your team captains for this season?
Malorie Whitworth, loud and positive; Skye Rust, positive and hard worker.
What is your strongest position on the field?
What is the difference between this years team and last years team?
Didn’t lose any players so same team with more experience.
What is the biggest challenge you will face in conference play this year?
The level of competition.
What single thing are you looking forward to the most this season?
The level of competition and how it will push us.
At the end of the season, which team will be holding the Championship trophy?
Lone Peak, no seniors last year so same team and an exceptionally good rising underclass of freshman and sophomores with seasoned juniors and seniors.
Who are the top 3 players in the state not on your team?
Marina Mayo
Bergan McArdle
Savannah Ernst
What else should we know about your team?
New head coach, Nikki Daborwski.
New assistant coach, Hanna Thatcher.

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