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High School Team at a Glance: Skyview Girls

Head Coach: Katie Colton (New)
2015 record: 5-6
2015 playoffs: D-II Quarterfinals (Lost to Copper Hills)
Who on your team do you expect to be a stand out player this coming season?
Well we have some girls returning from last year that I know will do amazing things this year. I think that sophomore Rachael Williams, who played a little bit of varsity last year, will be a player to keep an eye on as she is terribly fast and determined to be better than her sister.
skyview-logo-thumbWho is returning to the team that fans may not know but should?
Kierston Elder is an all-star goalie, Myra Williams is pure speed, and Dakota Bird is an aggressive player. There is also Mikayla Esplin who is dangerous around the goal and our amazing center Erica Jorgenson. Other players returning are mostly returning from playing JV and are now on the varsity team.

Who are your team captains?
Kierston Elder is a team captain because she has the dedication to the sport outside of practice. Myra Williams is a team captain because her teammates look to her to be the best, to do the best she can. Erica Jorfenson is a team captain because she is efficient and organized and probably helps me stay on track even more than she does her teammates.
What is your strongest position on the field?
I think that our midfield is one of the strongest I’ve seen in a while. We are also improving on our defensive abilities.
What is the difference between this years team and last years team?
Last years team had lost the fun in playing. When you lose the fun of something than it becomes hard to put in the dedication needed. This year we are determined to have fun but work hard. We want to win, so we are willing to put in the hours at practice and outside of it to be the best we can be.
What is the biggest challenge you will face in conference play this year?
I’m think not getting frustrated. We have a few new girls and at times the more experienced players are frustrated at the lack of speed and ability. That will come, hopefully, before the season begins but I can see it as a problem throughout the season.
What single thing are you looking forward to the most this season?
The team is really looking forward to the Gathering of the Tribes lacrosse tournament.
At the end of the season, which team will be holding the Championship trophy?
Sky View. Because we want it more and are dedicated to do what needs to be done to get there.
What else should we know about your team?
I am a new coach. I helped coach a little bit last year but this is my first year with the team.

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