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Jordan Harris' Real Deal MCLA Poll — March 8

The MCLA season is well under way, and there have now been five top-25 polls, including a preseason poll that put together before a single game is played.The poll is comprised of votes from coaches all over the country, many who are busy figuring out things for their own team and conference and have little time to pay attention to the details of 25 different teams around the nation (not to mention the potential to vote for one’s own self-interest, strengthening the appearance of a schedule or conference).
These factors contribute to early- and mid-season polls oftentimes having rankings that are inconsistent with performance on the field, so Jordan Harris, BYU Lacrosse alumnus and former coach, has decided to take a crack at a more realistic top-15 based on on-field performance (you can find Jordan and all his lacrosse thoughts on Twitter as @JHLacrosse):
Jordan Harris’s MCLA Division 1 Top 15

  1. Chapman
     Chapman Logo

    Wins over BYU, Sonoma, and UVU. Neck and neck with Georgia Tech, but I like that BYU win more than any Georgia Tech win.
  2. Georgia Tech
     Georgia Tech Logo
    The Boston College win looks more impressive after this weekend. Virginia Tech won’t be a top 15 team for long, so it’s likely BC will stay their only Top 15 win at the end of the season. Probably not enough for #1.
  3. Colorado
     Colorado Logo
    CU’s win over Arizona might be the most impressive win of the year for anyone. A close game with Boise State gives me a little pause, but Boise has proved a tough out for BYU and CSU and they got it done. Looking forward to the Chapman game this weekend.
  4. Arizona
     Arizona Logo
    Wins over CSU, BC, and UVU. Even with the loss to CU they have proved a lot with their wins. Definitely been beneficiary of back to backs, but their job is to win, not make intelligent schedules for other teams.
  5. BYU
     BYU Lacrosse
    Tough overtime loss to Chapman, but they proved there isn’t much gap between the teams. Beating SDSU without their starting goalie was big. Boise State win looks better after this weekend. Arizona State this weekend is a must win for both teams. BYU has them at home. Advantage BYU.
  6. Cal Poly
     Cal Poly Logo
    ASU win losing luster and GCU loss looking worse. Still have 2 top 25 wins, but I’m not sold. I could see them landing anywhere between 6 and 8 depending on how you view things.
  7. Boston College
     Boston College Logo
    I flip flopped back and forth with Cal Poly and BC for the 6 seed. I love big wins more than I punish losses to good teams, but the magnitude of the losses for BC ultimately lead me to putting them below. They have one of the best resumes of wins, and one of the most eye popping collection of losses. Certainly the team to beat in PCLL.
  8. Oregon
     Oregon Logo
    Love the CSU win in Colorado on the second game of the trip. Hung tight with CU, not a poor showing but no credit for good losses. CSU win slides them up.
  9. Grand Canyon
     Grand Canyon Logo
    Nobody really deserves this spot, but I give GCU the nod based on two quality wins. CU win was great and balances out the UVU loss. The Cal Poly win doesn’t equal the CSU/BC losses, but it probably does enough to get them in the top 10. I would argue having them anywhere between 9-13. They stay top 10 thanks to Virginia Tech confirming they are on a down year.
  10. Colorado State
     Colorado State Logo
    Wins over Grand Canyon and Boise State. Losses to Oregon and Arizona. Not sure what to make of them yet, but I think they have still landed in the right spot for now.
  11. Utah Valley
     UVU Logo
    Win over Grand Canyon, losses to Chapman (#1) and Arizona (#4). Riding the wave of the GCU win, but that’s more than anyone I have ranked below them can say. They will have plenty of chances to move up or down. UNLV was a solid win this weekend, but not marquee.
  12. Arizona State
     Arizona State Logo
    The Oregon State win looks less impressive. That’s their only meaningful win. Tough stretch coming up that will make or break their at-large chances, starting with a tough matchup in Provo vs BYU. They don’t have any more mulligans if they are eyeing an at-large bid.
  13. Oregon State
     Oregon State Logo
    Stanford win value is TBD based on what Stanford does moving forward. Sonoma loss hurts, and ASU loss looks worse this week. They might have slipped to #3 in the PNCLL. Boise State game is going to be huge.
  14. Stanford
     Stanford Logo
    There are likely 3 other teams that have an argument for 14 & 15 (Sonoma and Boise come to mind), but Stanford gets it this week. Combo of UCSB win and history keeps them here. History is fading fast so they will get a chance to prove they belong vs Chapman in a few weeks.
  15. Sonoma State
     Sonoma State Logo
    Again, my bias is toward wins and not just “not losing”. Good win against Oregon State sneaks them in, but it’s a tenuous spot with the UCSB loss hanging heavy over the Seawolves. There is likely a good argument for a few other teams here, but none that have a top 15 win.


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