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Judge Comes From Behind to Beat Olympus

Gabe Rechsteiner (Judge) Shoots on Cage
Gabe Rechsteiner (Judge) Shoots on Cage

As the season moves deeper into conference play, both Olympus (8-3, 1-2) and Judge (7-2, 4-1) brought their A-game to the field Friday night. From start to finish, both teams fought hard. Olympus picked up a small lead early, but by the fourth quarter Judge made up the difference and came away with a 9-6 win.
The Salt Lake Conference is quite possibly the most competitive conference in the state right now. Each of the four teams is ranked eighth or higher according to As a whole, Salt Lake has a mere 7 losses to non-conference teams. None of the four teams has more than two losses outside Salt Lake. A win is crucial for each team at this point.
“It’s conference,” commented Judge Head Coach David Allen, “It’s big. It’s real big. Olympus is a great team and they always play us really hard. You know it’s going to be a close game. Throw the records out the door.”
As the game commenced, the Bulldogs and the Titans certainly understood how important this first conference game was. The opening face-off was won by Olympus. They were able to set up a play, but were unable to score. Judge was quick to complete their first clear and it paid off. Bulldog Midfielder Gabe Rechsteiner was the first to score, assisted by attackman Doug Gosselin.
Olympus was quick to answer, as midfielder Bridger Fisher scored unassisted. Fisher scored a second goal in the first, which was followed by a third scored by Titan Attackman Richard Horgan in transition. At the end of the opening period, Olympus was up 3-1.

Gabe Rechsteiner (Judge) Shoots on Cage
Gabe Rechsteiner (Judge) Shoots on Cage
In the second quarter, Judge began to really work their offense. The ball remained in their possession much of the quarter. They were making the right plays and they were setting up good shots. However, despite such play, Olympus Goalie Ben Schettler was having none of it. Schettler had an outstanding quarter and was able to deny everything the Bulldogs threw his way.
Only one goal was scored in the quarter, but it was pretty to watch. Titan Attackman Coleman Dunn came from behind the goal, faked a couple passes and planted the ball in the goal. The lack of goals scored besides Dunn’s was not a fair representation of how each team was playing.
The game would become more exciting as it progressed. Within the first minute of the third, Judge had scored their second goal. They quickly scored their third and fourth goals in the next minutes to tie the score. From this point on, the defense and the saves were phenomenal. Stick checks were finding their targets and the best shots were being denied. Judge Goalie Dexter Holmquist was also playing an amazing game. At the end of the third, the game was tied at 5 points each.
“The goalie stood up big, especially in the second half,” said Allen. “He had a rough first half, but I think a lot of that was that we were putting him in rough spots. We just needed to start finding the cage. Once we found the first one early in the third quarter, we got a little momentum and carried it through. It’s a game of momentum.”
The fourth quarter was filled with just as much excitement as the third. The difference was that everyone on the field had stepped it up a notch. Shots were getting faster, but saves were getting even better. The offense was moving the ball with precision, but defense was shutting down plays and knocking sticks to the ground.
In the end, the Bulldogs were able to convert four more shots into goals, while Olympus picked up one more. Judge came out on top, 9-6.
Judge scoring was led by Rechsteiner who scored four goals. He was followed by Grant Pierce who picked up two goals and an assist.
“In the second half, Gabe [Rechsteiner] put some shots on goal, Grant [Pierce] put some shots on goal; we started getting pressure on the goalie. There was a lot more motion by the attack and offense in the second half that opened things up for us,” said Allen.
Olympus will meet up with Park City (6-1) on Monday in their second conference game of the season. Judge is set to play another tough game against Alta (8-4, 2-1) on Tuesday.

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