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Kassandra Lemons Joins West Coast Starz Staff, Brings Pipeline to Program

You may know Coach Lemons as the current Park City Girls Head Coach, but she also recently coached in her third tournament with the West Coast Starz at the 2017 Sandstorm tournament.
“I just left Sandstorm with a 2019 team that won the elite bracket, and the rest of our teams played in the highest brackets and did really well, ending the tournament with winning records” said Lemons. “My Park City kids who play love it, and it just makes it all the more fun during summer play.”
Last summer, Lemons was coaching the West Division at the Under Armour games in Baltimore. She met the directors of WCS and they immediately connected.
“After a few conversations about our program in Park City, the ability to chalk talk on coaching philosophies, and a great weekend, the WCS coaches reached out to me to see if I was interested in joining the coaching staff,” said Lemons.
Lemons hopes to further the mission of the WCS.
“West Coast Starz has been around for a while now,” said Lemons. “Starting with the boys side, they compiled the best kids of West coast regions, and sent them back east to play top level programs in tournament play. It developed on the girls side, as an addition to the Adrenaline brand on the girls side – bringing kids at ages from youth to high school to help develop their skills and keep their sticks in their hands.”

With the connection, Lemons brings a new approach to the club scene.
“Utah is developing their club programs, having more options and spreading the talent around, I can’t deny that,” said Lemons. “It’s really awesome to see Utah’s game lacrosse game grow, but they operate very differently then the other competitive club programs in the nation. West Coast Starz is staffed with coaches that have all played at the Division 1 level, from Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UVA, to Oregon which impacts players greatly due to their education of the game. They also put their teams into classes, so if your graduation year is 2019 then you will play with kids of your skill ability and age. They typically have two teams per grad year. This not only helps the program and kids develop but for them to get seen in the recruiting side of the game. They also have a ton of fun, and their successful. I think having Utah kids play for West Coast Starz will help elevate the High School play here as well. They’ll bring back what they’ve learned, and help guide other kids or potentially come back and coach or ref, which is a win win for the game!”
The main hub for WCS is in San Diego, but Lemons has been working with a group of Utah girls in Park City who then join their teammates when the tournaments roll around.
“Everyone is welcome to tryout or reach out for more information,” said Lemons. “If you interested in joining the team or finding out more information, feel free to reach out to me.”
The girls who make the West Coast Starz program will practice weekly in the summers, and depending on their age group visit tournaments such as The Grind (Philadelphia, PA), Mid West Cup and Capital Cup. There will also be a few San Diego based tournaments.
“My fall/winter with West Coast Starz has been incredible, they teach the game, push the kids, help them find their fit and home for college play, and have a blast doing it which is all you can ask for,” said Lemons.
Tryout Dates and Information:
Feb 12th, San Diego CA
For more information email:
Kassandra Lemons –
Recruitment Alum and Team Information:

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