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Lacrosse Mental Training Tips: Attitude! Do You Have It?

Lacrosse BallWith each new season, every player and every team gets a clean slate and is afforded an opportunity to establish new impressions and identities. This includes how an athlete thinks and how they are portrayed out on the field. A question I am often asked is: “What’s the mental difference between a good player and a great player?” The answer: Attitude!
The main difference between athletes that have success from others is the way they think. It is very easy to tell when someone is struggling to keep a positive attitude. Players who get in negative mindsets or thinking, often have difficulty keeping their head up, they engage in negative self-talk after mistakes, display inconsistent performance, and lack self-confidence in their abilities.
With a new season approaching, it is vital a player have the right attitude to help forge a new identity of confidence and resiliency. If there are gaps or deficiencies in your mental game you want to correct, it all begins with having the right attitude. Attitude is nothing more than how a player approaches and implements the right mind-set into every practice and performance situation. Thought precedes any physical action, therefore athletes must engage in ways of thinking and feeling that will facilitate their performance.
Performance Exercise – Attitude Check
Think about the last year of your life. During this year, have you had a great attitude concerning your sport? If your answer is yes, describe what it means to have a great attitude and how your attitude has benefitted you. How have you been able to maintain your attitude when the going gets tough? If your is no, describe what is lacking in your attitude and what it needs to be in order to be “great.” How have your ways of thinking and feeling held you back from being the best you can be?
Jared Ocana, M.S., is a Mental Skills Coach and Adjunct Faculty at Westminster College in the Human Performance and Wellness Department. Besides working with student-athletes at the school in 17 intercollegiate sports, Ocana also provides coaching and training to individual athletes along the Wasatch Front. To connect with Jared, or have questions or comments, you can reach him at:
(801) 448-6818

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