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Lax Invigoration from South Bend, Indiana

Notre Dame LacrosseAs I sit here in Jason Lamb’s office on the University of Notre Dame campus it feels entirely weird and completely comfortable. There is terrible music playing from his computer, something nameless and boring. I think it just sang something about “never letting go.” Which come to think of it, he never has. This room is so plain and boring it could have been on BYU campus when we were there together 5 years ago. We make the same stupid jokes about Jason’s hair and his overwhelming love for sweater vests. We talk about the intricacies of the defense here, about what exactly a submarine cut is. Those things that honestly we will never tire of talking about.
But it feels weird to be away from BYU. As much as I don’t care for that university anymore because of a bunch of factors, I miss those seasons under Jason’s tutelage and long for the smells and fake curse words resonating across the field. It was the thing that made me the happiest back then. Coaching at that high of a level. Because we were not that far off back then. Jason made that program a force across the nation because of how hard he worked. And how much he demanded from his players. It made me better. It made those around me better. I watched it as a coach and player. I miss being expected to be great. I don’t have that anymore from an outside source. Now it all has to come from within. It sometimes fails and then I have to reset my compass and push through the tall grass.
All those expectations came rushing back these last few days. I feel invigorated. I feel inspired. I had Coach Corrigan and Coach Karweck spend 15 minutes before practice yesterday explaining how the double crease worked in their system and all the various reads that each of them worked off each other. After practice yesterday I went to a little coaches social with all the Notre Dame coaches on campus and chatted with several new folks about what they were doing with their teams. I sat with Coach Corrigan and Jason and I talked for a long time about the state of lacrosse in America, what teams were doing in the D-I landscape, and telling lacrosse stories that were hilarious and profound. I told about what lacrosse in Utah is looking like. What we are doing and where we are going. It was fun. It made me realize how amazing the coaches in this world are these days. And how lucky I am to have friends who have given me the chance to grow and pushed me into way more of a man than I ever could have been.
I am coming back to Utah with genius ideas that are not my own, but will hopefully raise my team to new heights. I promise to try and give you, my four readers, all the insight that I received. I don’t want the great things to be a secret. You will do more than I could with it. And that will make my life and team better. To have all those in Utah playing better and higher level lacrosse.
And so I go off to Chicago later today to get ready to watch Notre Dame lacrosse scrimmages and the football team play Miami. And when I get home on Sunday, I will try and put all the things that I can put into words down into a long boring post that you can use to make your team better and beat all my teams. But it is way better than having it be a secret.
Notre Dame Lacrosse Field

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