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Logan Ruins Orems Trip to Cache Valley, Wins 12-5

Logan Lacrosse v. Orem Lacrosse
c/o Rick Parker

Monday night’s match between Logan High School and Orem High School was a game that saw a slow decline in play from Orem throughout , and a Rapid fire offensive unit who showed no mercy in Logan who won the game 12-5.
The game started very competitively with Orem scoring very early. It was a goal that the Grizzlies definitely did not want to see.
“After the shellacking we got playing Juan Diego, we really needed this win for our team confidence,” Logan Head Coach Doug Ringle said. “It’s been a tough, long season for us. We have had very few practices on grass because of all the snow up here, and it was good to see them break out on offense.”
And Coach said it best: Break-out offense.
The Grizzlies, along with winning the face-off battle, had two guys with a hat trick, and five different guys score on the night.
“This game gave us a ton of confidence moving forward,” Sophomore Attackmen Mason Ringle said. “We had a slow start, but we started passing the ball well and shooting really well, too.”
Mason could not have said it any better. These Grizzlies came out to prove they were better than their 0-4 record. With Mason getting a hat trick in the first half, it set the tone for the rest of the team to keep up with.
“It was great to get everything together as a team,” said Sophomore Jeffery Spach.

Logan Lacrosse v. Orem Lacrosse
c/o Rick Parker
The speed of Logan also really showed through strong in this victory. The Grizzles seemed to have wings zooming through the defense en route to a very solid victory.
But things were not all bad for Orem.
The Tigers started the game quite well, actually starting the game off with the first goal.
“We have to give our hand to Logan, they played really good tonight,” Head Coach of the Orem Tigers, Jordan Gardner said. “It was hard for us because we had a couple starters out tonight because of some issues off the field.”
Orem played well for small streaks at the game, notably in the fourth; But, In the end, it just wasn’t enough to get past this Grizzly team who just seemed to do just that much more at the end of the night.
You could definitely see their struggles offensively, and defensively when it came to chemistry. The Tigers looked, at times, lost out there.
With issues keeping guys out of scoring range, the Tigers were outplayed, out matched, and not as prepared as they might have hoped to be coming into tonight’s match against the quick Grizzly squad.
“We had a good first half, and got lazy in the second half,” Orem Junior Defensemen Devin Hansen said. “Logan picked their game up and had better stick movement… They are also a really nice group of guys; they were always saying nice things to us throughout the game.”
Even though the Tigers didn’t come out of this one as they would’ve liked to, they learned a lot about themselves missing a few key guys. When you are missing players, your backups have to be ready to step in and play the game at a comparable level. With tonight’s game, that just didn’t happen.
Logan now looks forward to keep this momentum for their next game, while Orem hopes to pick up the pieces and move on from this loss to another hopeful victory that will put them one game under .500 for the season.

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