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LXM 801?

LXM 801?
The LXM Pro Tour is coming to Salt Lake City! Well, we all wish anyways. However, on December 3rd the tour is taking over Las Vegas. For those that don’t know what the LXM Pro Tour is; the tour basically comes to town for a weekend event. Teams from the youth, middle school, high school levels and “elite” teams all play the first day. If there are not enough games the professional and college players there can put on clinics. The second day there is usually a college game followed by a professional game. Players for the pro teams include guys like Kyle Harrison, Brett Hughes, Shamel Bratton, Sean Morris and Alex Hewit, and Mike Powell. Reviews I have read say they were impressed at the level these guys play.
I have recently been asked what I thought the LXM Pro tour would look like if it came to Utah. Here is what I envision. The ULA runs a great youth tournament which brings teams from all over the country so I would integrate the LXM Pro event with Ski Town. The Ski Town tournament attracts thousands of players and their family to Park City and the LXM Pro Tour might bring more of those people who don’t have a player in the tournament. Exposure would increase for both events. Winning.
Saturday, the youth games would end a little early so there could be a small college tournament. Utah, Utah State, Westminster, UVU, and BYU could all play a couple short exhibition games. After that everyone would head over the Dozier Field for the Professional game. After the game, all things being perfect, a concert/ party would be held on Dozier Field. A stage would quickly be built and DJs would keep things bumpin’ all night.
For the past few tour stops each LXM Pro team gets customer gear. The gear generally has a focus, some thing like local pro teams or even just the local area. I know that I am more old school when it comes to uniforms (old school Syracuse, or clean basic North Carolina uniforms are my favorite) so I would envision one team wearing a clean all white look. On the jersey and shorts there might be a light snowflake pattern or something. On the dark side you could go with a desert theme. Maybe a mix of dark red and orange camouflage look. You can check out gear the teams have worn on There are a few other themes of course – Utah Jazz vs Real Salt Lake; Salt Lake Bees vs Utah Grizzlies; Skiers vs Snowboarders; there are many more but I don’t want to offend anyone.
I could see this event being very successful for lacrosse in Utah. I know it probably won’t happen in the near future but it would be cool. What are your thoughts? What kind of match-ups would you like to see? Where else could the even be held? I know it’s just hypothetical, but the only thing going on is winter league and being a high school coach I can’t go watch. If you have a topic you would like me to look into or share my thoughts about, comment on this or send me an email.

  1. What would be great for Utah Lacrosse is a full time summer Program like we see back in the East Coast, Just take a look at how many Utah Playrs went back east last summer, I think there was 3 playrs that attended top 205 and 5 players for Blue Chip @225 and maybe 4 players at Amherst Good to Great. If we want to be recogonized as a place where we play serious lacrosse we need programs that put together very competitve teams. That go back and play at Brine, Hotbeds,Champ Champ, Lehigh Lax feast, Tri- State, Crabfeast etc etc, Just try and get a pick up game during the summer, will not happen. No body wants to do it,
    I was back east last summer and you would see lacrosse sticks every where, that is how those players get so good. Its not the spring season its the summer lacrosse that expands their Lax IQ and skills.
    We had one of the best programs come here to try to do the same thing they do in CO and put together a Utah 3DLAX team with Jamie Munro and Steve Gray.
    I was agast that there was only a handle full of players that showed up. Jamie told me he met with ULA and Jamie came away with the felling that ULA really did not give a damn. It must be that the Utah Players/parents feel that the Utah coaches are better then Jamie Munro and his Staff.
    Im sorry Look at the teams that CA, NV, AZ CO, and WA put together. I know we have the players to do the same thing. I feel the problem is each program in Utah are only worried about one thing the money that the players bring to owners. I commend Lisa and ULA trying to break out and put then Utah Nat team U-15 on the map but even the last two years you still did not get all the best players because coachs of other program told their kids not to try out.
    Time to change some things in Utah.
    I like the Idea of the Ski Town and LXM but there again you have the ULA versus Adrenaline fighting over the almighty dollar. Yes its a business but if we want to expand lacrosse in Utah like we see in the surrounding states some things have to change.
    It will be very interesting when Adrenaline brings there event here next Fall. Because you will get some exposure from Inside Lacrosse and remember you only get one chance to make a great impression.

    1. I exchanged emails last Spring with the LXM guys and they told me they like to piggy back on these types of events. Whether that is still the case or not, I don’t know.

  2. I know there are a lot of “comp” or “elite” teams that go to tournaments. Why do you think Utah has not been able to put 1 team together with the best players? Is it money, players not getting along, or not getting along with coaches, coaches restricting players, too many teams, parents being too involved, or not enough? I don’t know the answer since I’m not deeply involved, I’m just trying to learn. What do you think is the issue, and how would you like to see it solved?
    I have been amazed at how many opportunities we have here due to the hard work the ULA staff puts in, and yet few people take advantage. Why is that?
    I think we would need more than 1 year to attract LXMPro, it will take a while because we would have to show them we have the numbers to support such an event. Also, do you think LXMPro coming to Utah would bring a money struggle between Adrenaline and the ULA? I know the ULA staff is desperately trying to grow the game and I don’t think there would be any resistance on behalf of the ULA. That is just my speculation though.

  3. As an update, LXM HAS announced that they are coming to Utah! LXM 801 will be held in September. Check out all the details here:

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