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Mens: Griffins Cruise to 15-5 win Over Utes

SALT LAKE CITY – Playing at home for just the second time this season, the fifth-ranked Westminster College men’s lacrosse team defeated in-state rival Utah by a score of 15-5 on Wednesday evening.
Westminster is now 7-1 overall this season, although this game will not count towards the team’s official MCLA record. Utah, the 17th-ranked team in MCLA DI, is now 5-3 on the season.
The Griffins started the game on a roll as they scored the game’s first goal just 37 seconds into the contest. Westminster would score the first three goals before a Utah tally right before the end of the first quarter made it 3-1 at the first break. The Griffins were relentless over the next two periods, outscoring the Utes 9-0 during the middle two quarters. The run would reach 12 consecutive goals for Westminster as they built a 15-1 advantage with 11:06 remaining. Utah would score the final four goals of the game to limit the final deficit.
The complete domination is shown in the final statistics. Westminster had a 41-20 advantage in shots attempted while also grabbing a 51-25 edge in ground balls. The Griffins won 18-of-23 faceoffs and were successful on 15-of-18 clear attempts.
Jake Arthur posted a huge game with a Griffin season-high six goals. Gian Sexsmith added three goals and one assists to score four points. His three give him 100 in his career and make him just the second player in school history to reach the century mark.  Andy Butterfield added two goals. Marshall Serzen recorded wins on 16-of-21 faceoffs while picking up a team-best eight ground balls. Chris Burckle made 10 saves while allowing just three goals while protecting the Westminster cage.
Utah got goals from five different players, including one from Patrick Griffin on his four shots. Cody Pilot collected seven ground balls for the Utes.
Westminster will return to action on Saturday when they host the first RMLC division game of the season against Utah Valley. That game will begin at 1 p.m. and also be available to Griffins TV.
Westminster is a nationally recognized, comprehensive liberal arts college.  With a broad array of graduate and undergraduate programs, Westminster is distinguished by its unique environment for learning. Westminster prepares students for success through active and engaged learning, real world experiences and its vibrant campus community. Westminster’s unique location, adjacent to the Rocky Mountains and to the dynamic city of Salt Lake, further enriches the college experience. For more information, visit or follow WestminsterSLC or WestminsterPR on Twitter.

  1. Sounds like Utah took advantage of this scrimmage to let its younger players get some experience, while Westminster put its starters in to “make a statement” win. Great job boys, you won a scrimmage that really doesn’t mean anything. And Tim, if scrimmages doesn’t count, then Utah’s record is 4-2, not 5-3. Report a little more accurately, please, because I am sure if Coach Morris and staff cared, the game would not of been that wide-open.

    1.  @a310e93de7b2c84e4cf5497afacdea2c:disqus I didn’t write this story. It is a press release from Westminster. I realize I didn’t change the author initially but it’s changed now. My apologies for the confusion.

      1. Thanks for the clarification Tim. You write well rounded reports, and this is so one sided and unclear about what really went on that it really makes Westminster look silly for celebrating a scrimmage as an actual win. The fact that the starters were in for the majoity of the game is a testament to the programs angst over being overshadowed by Utah and BYU. As I said before, congrats on the “scrimmage” win, but the boys in Red have bigger fish to fry…

  2. Saying this is a scrimmage is irrelevant. If this game was only won by two or three goals the argument of this being a “scrimmage” and the score being invalid would be justified. Westminster dominated all aspects of the game and was clearly the better team. Justify Utah’s loss however you wish; but I think if you look into the eyes’ of the Utah players and ask them who is the better team, there won’t be much doubt. Utah was simply outplayed. This game was made a scrimmage simply because Utah was aware of what was coming. Great job to the Utes for conceding the loss in advance to avoid embarrassment. The outcome wouldn’t have been much different regardless.

    1. And you know the Utah players felt all of this, and that Coach Morris “knew” that the Utes would lose? You must be pyschic! Or you a just another Westminny fan who thinks your team is better than they really are. Would you say that Westminny’s loss last year and the year before, and the year before to the U were because they didn’t take the game seriously? No, Utah was the better team, and I know Utah still is the better team. I am still going to say that this game is irrelevant-because it doesn’t matter! It is funny how you crow about this, but when you got your butts spanked by Dominican, it is downplayed as something that doesn’t count. Grow a pair, quit beating up on Division II teams and make the jump to Div. 1. Then I will give Westminny some props. Enjoy getting spanked by the Y!

      1. Fishlaxbeer, I would love to “grow a pair” and push the Griffins to make the MCLA D1 jump, unfortunately I am only a fan and I assume you understand that fans have no control over that matter. I am confused as to why you think Westminster downplayed the Dominican loss as if it does not count, no one has come out blaming the loss on the fact that the game was a scrimmage. The Griffins admit defeat to a very talented NCAA Dominican team who has competed with the likes of #5 NYIT and #2 Adelphi. On a different note by your logic Utah only takes games seriously when they win, maybe this is why they fail to make the national tournament every year.

        1. The difference between Div. 1 and Div. 2 MCLA is VERY drastic. I know that you have no say over whether Westminny will/can go Div. 1 and that is my point! Why are you so bent on defending the actions of a team, if the game doesn’t matter? It doesn’t go in the win column or loss column for either team. The only reason I commented on this half-jockeyed piece of reporting is that whomever wrote this as if this was some “major” victory, when reality it wasn’t. If Utah were to play the level of competition that Westminny plays in the MCLA, then Utah would make it the MCLA Tournament EVERY year too. I have no respect for a team that takes on another team with all of their starters in a game that is meant for the younger players to play and gain confidence. You can poke fun at the fact that Utah has made it into the MCLA tourney once, but the reality is that Utah is playing up against the creme de la creme teams in the MCLA-teams that would wipe the floor with Westminster on a daily basis. Utah is a hungry contender, Westminster is comfortable being a big fish in a little pond.

  3. I was unable to make it to the game.  I spoke to Coach Morris after the New Mexico game and he said that he was excited about the first few matches because it was a chance for him to get his younger guys in the game.  I am assuming this is what happened here or am I wrong.

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