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Miners Melt Down in Loss to the Mustangs

Bingham - Herriman

Herriman continued its first-year D-I success with a well-deserved win over Bingham. This game was a tale of two halves; the Miners controlling the first half, and the Mustangs taking the reins and riding to victory in the second half.  When the dust cleared, Herriman came out on top, 13-10.  Another great rivalry has been born!
Bingham came out in the first quarter controlling the faceoff and the pace.  They were menaced somewhat be excellent defense from the Mustang’s Tanner Lambert, but it didn’t take long for the Miner’s Josh Croall to tweak some twine scoring unassisted. Bingham’s Blake McMullin snatched the draw again, and the Miner offense settled in. Mustang goalie Nick Williams saved a shot, and Herriman took the ball to their end, but veteran Miner goalie Scott Bronson made an easy save. Back on offense, Bingham’s Kason Eggers came from X around the right side, and made a great pass to Jordan Brough who deftly dumped the ball in.  Both goalies traded saves, and Bingham switched up their faceoff guy going with Talen Little to keep the Mustangs off guard.  Herriman finally scored mid-way through the first quarter when Luis LeBaron passed to Matt Dyches who scorched the net with a hard side arm shot.  It was a high energy quarter and there were many shots on both ends skillfully turned aside by hard-working defense.  Herriman long pole Conner Hitesman saved a point when his goalie was out of the cage, and he deflected a shot on back up.  On the other end, Miner defensiveman Jake Saenz executed a kick save also deflecting a for-sure goal.  The quarter ended with a shot from Herriman that hit pipe.  The score was Bingham 3, Herriman 1.
Bingham - Herriman
Bingham continued its dominance in the faceoff in quarter two, but Herriman drew blood first when Chantz Roberts weaved his way through the Miner defense easily scoring.  That was followed up by a rare faceoff win for the Mustangs that resulted in a fast break goal for Braxton Thompson and just like that the game was tied.  Herriman won another face and went on the attack again, but Bronson was in fine form making a great save.  The Mustangs committed a foul giving Bingham a man-up opportunity.  After turning the ball over, the Miners D stepped up and recovered with just enough time in the penalty for Dallin Bentley to come from behind the crease on the right and then turn and shoot over his left shoulder for the goal.  Herriman continued its strong defense with contributions from Tanner Lambert and a defensive pick from Hayden Webb.  The ensuing shot opportunity for Herriman was again turned away by Bronson, who was playing inspired despite recovering from the flu, but a bad clear resulted in a fast break goal from Thompson.  The Miners dug in and Croall passed to Jordan Brough who dodged right, then left and then scored.  The see-saw game continued with a messy, long faceoff battle eventually won by Herriman and followed up with a goal from Taylor Brundage assisted by Dyches.  The Mustangs committed another foul and Bingham executed a perfect man-up play with a goal from Joe Lambert assisted by Croall.  The quarter ended with continued good defense from both teams and it went to half with Bingham up by one, 6 to 5.
What Bingham was to faceoffs in the first half Herriman was in the second.  The situation completely reversed with Ben Richard taking control of the draw.  The Mustangs also turned up their offense.  Thompson burned the Miner defense scoring easily and quickly followed up with another goal assisted by Richard.  Brundage continued his stellar middie work, and Bingham was forced to be patient.  After scooping up an errant Mustang shot, Bronson made a quick clear that resulted in a fast break from the Miners.  Joe Lambert turned on the burners, and passed to Brough who put one in the back of the net.  Defensive players making a difference were James Menendez, middie from Herriman and Saenz, Bingham’s four-year Varsity defensiveman along with Miner long poles Jake Wagstaff and Hayden Petersen.
Herriman’s energy level spiked in the third, and Roberts gave the Mustangs a two-goal lead muscling his way through the entire Bingham defense.  Bingham committed a frustration foul and Richard took advantage scoring through traffic.  The Miner’s Kason Eggers tried to keep his team in the game with a fake, a shot and a goal, but Bingham’s defense was melting down and committed another foul.  Herriman had a good shot that was reeled in by Bronson, but Mustang pressure on the clear resulted in a turnover, and that turned into an unassisted goal from Matt Everton.  Herriman ended the quarter with continued brilliant faceoff work, and Roberts dodged his way through traffic once again to put in another shot.  The Miners had dug themselves a big hole as the quarter ended, Herriman 12, Bingham 8.
In the fourth quarter Bingham was ravaged by multiple fouls committed by a frustrated Miner defense.  Herriman had a solid lead and skillfully ran the clock.  The Mustangs were patient with several man-up opportunities and Everton scored on a well-executed EMO assisted by Dyches.  Bingham’s bright spot for the quarter was Croall who scored with an assist from Brough.  He got his team within two, but another penalty led to another EMO goal from Richard this time assisted by Dyches.  One last offensive effort from Binghan resulted in Croall sprinting the length of the field and scoring unassisted, his third of the game, but it was too little, too late.  In a quarter plagued by fouls, Bingham was unable to control the ball enough to mount a fourth quarter comeback, and Herriman’s confident patience led them to victory.  The final score was Herriman 13, Bingham 10.
Herriman Head Coach Mark Roothoff commented, “It was a good win for our program.  We turned it up when we needed to.  I am proud of my boys.”
Bingham takes on Olympus on its Senior Night, Thursday, May 1st at Bingham’s stadium with a late start, 7:00 pm. Proceeds from the gate will benefit Riley Culley. Herriman’s next game is against Waterford on May 1st at Butterfield Park, also Senior night.

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