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Miners Stun Rival Alta in Season Opener

Bingham Alta

The Bingham Miners started their 2014 spring season with a win over their long-time rival, Alta. It was a perfect day for lacrosse and the Miners young team showed their competitive spirit. Alta senior Chase Oviatt dominated early in the face-off, but Bingham defenders backed by their veteran goalie, Scott Bronson, fought off early Hawk scoring attempts. Alta struggled to find its rhythm the Miners took advantage of penalties to notch their first win on the season.
Bingham Alta
The Miners got their first goal a few possessions into the game from junior Jordan Brough with an assist from Josh Croall. Alta fans weren’t worried; it was early, but Bingham soon gave them something to worry about. After three great saves by Bronson, Bingham found the back of the net again when senior Talen Little muscled his way in for a goal. Bingham committed a penalty that allowed Alta to have an extra man opportunity, but Bronson fought off the attack. Miner attackman Joe Lambert took the clear from his goalie, burned down field and scored unassisted. With three goals in and multiple goalie saves, it was a great first quarter for Bingham.
Quarter two started much the same as the first with Alta’s Oviatt dominating in the face-off, but Miner defenders repelled Alta’s attack and sent the ball back to the offense. Alta goalie, Dakota Crisman made a great save, but unfortunately an Alta player committed an illegal body check resulting in a penalty. Lambert capitalized on the man-up opportunity and Bingham had a four-zip lead. Oviatt won the ensuing face-off blazing down field and scorching a rip, but the veteran Bronson fought him off again. The Hawks finally had a successful possession and scored their first goal when Tanner Jones ricocheted a shot off Bronson into the goal. The Hawks had momentum winning the face-off once again and Conner Pyle capitalized with a quick, fast break goal. Oviatt, not to be outdone made good on Alta’s next possession ripping twine unassisted. It looked like the Hawks were in the game, but Alta became its own worst enemy committing another penalty that allowed Brough to steal the momentum back with an extra man offense goal. A critical juncture came when Alta called a timeout and a stick check was called. The Hawks were found to have an illegal stick, which resulted in a long, non-releasable penalty followed by an unsportsmanlike call giving the Miners a two-man up opportunity. Net-keeper Crisman proved himself by repelling Bingham’s long assault with several great saves, including a kick save. At half Bingham was up 5 goals to Alta’s 3.
Bingham Alta
The third quarter was punctuated by heavy defense by both teams and more emotion-driven penalties. Early in the quarter Bronson made a good save that was followed by a shoving match. When cooler heads prevailed and play resumed, junior Kason Eggers rounded the top of the box, wound his way through the defense and completed a shot from the left. The Miners’ mounting confidence resulted in wins at the face-off, but both teams continued to scrap and shoot with both goalies making incredible saves. The tough play continued and Bingham found itself in a man-down situation with a three goal lead. Bronson, in his finest moments of the game repelled a brutal assault from the Hawks, fending off shot after shot with athletic saves. Alta finally prevailed with quick passing that wore the defense down and Matt Hunter dumped a shot in Bronson’s face. The Miners did not fold even though their lead was down to two goals. Croall took the ball from Bronson, and began burning down the sideline. Despite a check to his face mask he ducked and dodged ending his run with a nice shot. The third quarter seemed to grind, but Bingham ended the penalty-ridden quarter with a shot from sophomore Dallin Bentley assisted by senior Cody Elmen. It was Bingham 8, Alta 4 at the end of three.
Anyone who has watched Alta play knows you can never count them out. Down by four, the Hawks started the fourth quarter with a fast break goal from Jones on the assist by Pyle, and it looked like with a Bingham goalie switch they might have a chance for a come-back. The Miners had another idea, however. Bingham began to slow the game down, being patient and careful on offense and smothering on defense, and Alta showed its frustration with more penalties. The Miners were able to capitalize on another extra man offense provided by the Hawks when Brough added his third goal assisted by Eggers. Bingham could sense the victory was in their hands and another two-man up penalty situation allowed Lambert to book his first hat trick of the season with a goal assisted by senior Landon Spencer. Croall put a punctuating final goal in the net unassisted, and the game was over.
Bingham Head Coach Marshall Kay stated, “We came out well prepared and organized, and executed very well on offense and defense. Alta made a run in the second quarter with three unchallenged goals, but we matched and came back with three goals of our own. We succeeded in completing all of our goals, and I felt the standouts were in defense and the face-off play. It was a great win for us.”
Bingham’s next game is against Centennial, NV at the Boise Invitational on Friday, March 14th. Alta will take on the Titans of Olympus on Tuesday.

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