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Mountain Crest Defeats Logan 14-8 in Cache Valley Rivalry

Mountain Crest v. Logan Grizzlies

Logan played host in a pivotal Northern Division II Conference match against Mountain Crest who was fresh off their huge win against Sky View. By the end of the night, the Grizzles could not comeback from their slow start, leaving the Mustangs as victors by a 14-8 margin.
“This was a hard fought battle. We don’t have the sticks or the offense to do something like that. They jumped on us early and we couldn’t come back,” Logan Head Coach Doug Ringle said.
Mountain Crest started the game fast, and showed no mercy on their way to a dominating first half. With the game being started with a goal by Senior Middie Taylon Niederhauser early in the first, it became apparent this Mountain Crest team knew how to score.
“We knew they were going to come out physical, so we came out ready to play them,” Taylon said. “We need to practice and keep our momentum going for the playoffs. Also, make sure to give Jerret Venhaus a shout out.”
With every goal that came by, Mountain Crest  just looked like they knew how to score in multiple ways, leaving Logan Sophomore Goalie Kendall Anderson to simply say, “It was hard to defend, they would get fast breaks and we wouldn’t be in position.”
Mountain Crest also did a phenomenal job causing turnovers. With the mentality to not only bring the pressure, but give it as well, lead to a very long day for Logan. Turnovers and pass deflections came in every which way, including a moment when, in the first quarter, Mountain Crest Attackman Troy Netzley intercepted the clear attempt from Anderson and took it right back and almost scored a goal. The Mustangs were hungry, ready, and wanted to make this game their eighth straight win.

Mountain Crest v. Logan Grizzlies
c/o Rick Parker
But Logan was not going to lay down. While they did not have the first half they wanted, filled with what Logan Senior Attackman Beau Artist called “dumb mental mistakes”, they knew this is a game of two halves, and they came out of halftime with that mentality.
The game quickly turned around into Logan’s favor.
Where was this Logan team in the first half? The Grizzles came out of halftime looking like a championship team. Quickly, the Mountain Crest lead was falling away to a game that eventually came within two goals. The fans were almost as excited as the team, and the stadium was getting loud.
But Mountain Crest stayed calm, cool, and collected. And with the big lead they had, they still had a small lead, and scored just enough in the third to keep Logan hunting, but not getting quite there.
Logan started to get frustrated with the goals scored here and there from Mountain Crest, leaving them 2, 3, or 4 goals ahead. The Grizzlies started slamming their sticks, picking up penalties, and getting overall frustrated with each other.
“We would like to play under control, but these are high school kids playing in a rivalry valley game, so that flares emotion up a little more, said Ringle.
It was all a little too late, while Logan had a phenomenal third quarter, the fourth brought more of Mountain Crest’s potent offense leaving them with the 14-8 win.
Mountain Crest very much deserved this win. With a blazing fast start, and an uncanny ability to close games out, the Mustangs are primed and ready for the playoffs.
For Logan, they need to cut down on their mental mistakes. With little things being improved for this squad, who knows how the outcome of many of their games this season would’ve went.

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