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Mountain Crest Routs Pocatello

Mountain Crest Attackmen Troy Netzley
Mountain Crest Attackmen Troy Netzley

Under the beautiful skies of Hyrum, the Mustangs of Mountain Crest (2-4) ended up stealing this win from the Bandits of Pocatello (0-3) by the score of 17-1 in a game that proved to be just as one sided as the score suggests.
With not much to write home about, the Bandits were trampled by the Mustangs in every way imaginable. Pocatello Head Coach Michael Henderson said it best when asked about his teams trials against the defending champions.
“It’s always an eye opener playing a team like this. This program is in its infancy, and it’s always a challenge playing when missing so may guys due to the fact we are right in the middle of our spring break.”
With Pocatello missing many of their key players due to that spring break vacation, they came out down in players, and left down in spirits.
“Today’s game was a let down, but we played like we practiced and it showed today,” Junior LSM Ryan Sabel said. “We really need to improve on our passing and work on all our basics.”

Mountain Crest Attackmen Troy Netzley
Mountain Crest Attackmen Troy Netzley
Pocatello was lacking the very basics of play today like Sabel, and Henderson mentioned previously. With what seemed like turnovers on every possession, the Bandits could not sustain a possession long enough to score until the Mustangs had second and third string guys in on defense. When asked about what this team will need to do to get to where they want to be, Junior Middie Dalton Lammers said simply, “We need to go back to the fundamentals and improve our practice.”
But with a 16 point margin of victory, Mountain Crest squad deserves a ton of praise for laying it on a team when they really needed to. With a rough start to the season after winning the championship last season, the Mustangs really wanted to come out and make a strong statement.
“We did pretty good today,” Mountain Crest Head Coach Cody Mckee stated.  “We’re looking at coming back and putting together some new ideas after a rough start to the season and these guys did everything they were asked to do.”
The offensive flurry put up by Mountain Crest went beyond the scorecard. It seemed like Mountain Crest was on offense the entire game. It got to the point where you started to wonder if they were just having a practice session against the Bandits.
“It was fun and nice to have an offense and playing it. It felt good to finally get ahead and win,” Senior Midfielder Colter Turley said. “But even with this win, we need to respect teams and not get a big head.”
With total domination on every level of the game, Senior Goalie Bryce Hatfield, when asked about his team today, said “We all met our goals. We were connecting on passes and overall we just played as a team.” And that really does sum up how this team played today. By halftime, the Pocatello boys looked worn out and defeated.
“Were making progress,” Henderson said. “We just need to have our guys settle down and execute.” When asked what his team needed to work on most, Henderson said, “Passing, catching, and execution are the top three things we need to work on along with all the other fundamentals.”
For one team, it may have been the kick start they need to go on this season, for the other, this game will really make them sit back and evaluate what need to be done. This was a rough game for the Bandits, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this team knows that.

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