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New Coaches Changing Things Up At UVU

The last time we heard from UVU, they had just hired longtime Pleasant Grove head coach Brae Burbidge to take the program reigns.
We caught up with Coach Burbidge to see how things have gone at UVU as they enter the next chapter of Wolverine lacrosse.

Pleasant Grove Head Coach Brae Burbidge
New UVU Head Coach Brae Burbidge
ULN: We saw in the press release that you, Tyler Monteath, and Marc Miller would be coaching. Any additions to the coaching staff since then?
“We have Jesse Thorpe returning as the faceoff coach and Brian Barnhill from Corner Canyon as the assistant head coach.”
ULN: What changes has the staff implemented since taking over?
“We run a pretty rigorous conditioning program now. We are also pretty aggressive about recruiting players – we have gone from twenty or so players last year to 53 or so this year; it makes for a great talent pool.”
ULN: How is fall ball going for the team?
“We are doing well, we beat Utah State earlier this Fall Season and are looking forward to playing the current powerhouses in the state in the next few weeks. The vast majority of our players are freshmen and sophomores, but the talent of these guys is phenomenal. We are deep on leadership and desire to showcase who we have become.”
ULN: Anything else you’d like the Utah lacrosse community to know about UVU Lacrosse?
“Utah Valley University Lacrosse is a strong and competitive program boasting the largest lacrosse program in the state. We run this collegiate program as if you were playing at an NCAA level. With several All-American and a multitude of All-State players from all around the country, UVU Lacrosse is the place to play and get a great affordable education all the way through to a master’s degree.”
UVU will take on BYU, Westminster, and Utah at the Utah Lacrosse Fall Jamboree on October 24 at McCarthy Field.

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