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New Rules on Trial This Weekend

The NCAA is going to be experimenting with new rules this weekend in two different scrimmages. On Saturday, the UMBC v. Georgetown game will try the following rules:
1. Substitution will be allowed only on the horn when the ball goes out of bounds. This includes all boundary lines. Current rules allow substitutions on the fly and on any out-of-bounds stoppage.
2. Teams will have 20 seconds to clear the defensive half and 10 seconds to reach the attack area after crossing the midline. Current rules require teams to gain the attack area within 30 seconds of gaining possession.
3. If a team is given the stall warning, it has 30 seconds to put a shot on target (goal/save/rebound/pipe). Current rules require the team to keep the ball in the attack area during a stall warning. If the shot meets any of those criteria and the team on offense regains possession, the stall warning is off.  If the shot does not meet those criterion and the 30 seconds expire, the ball is awarded to team on defense. No horn will be sounded. If during the stall warning, a shot is taken that misses the goal and goes out of bounds, the horn will be sounded, and the ball will be awarded to defensive team.
4. If a team commits a violation during the faceoff, it is not allowed to bring an additional player up to the wing area. This creates a 3-on-2 advantage for the non-offending team. Current rules require only the violating team’s faceoff player to leave the field and the team may substitute immediately.
5. If the offensive team commits a non-serving infraction and the ball is awarded to the defense in the attack area, the defensive team will be given the opportunity for a quick restart to promote a counterattack. Current rules require the ball to be restarted outside of the attack area.
On Sunday, the North Carolina v. Ohio State game will feature a shot clock with these stipulations:
1. Teams will have 60 seconds (first half) and 75 seconds (second half) to put a shot on goal (goal/save/rebound/pipe) after gaining possession. A shot that misses the goal will not count for this purpose.
Connor Wilson of Lacrosse All Stars and Quint Kessenich break down the rules in more detail but I think the new rules are very interesting. Keep in mind that as of right now, they are just trials and nothing is set in stone. The main goal is to do what is best for the game and I think that will be done. The new rules would speed up the game and make midfielders two-way players which I personally agree with.
What are your thoughts on the proposed rules?

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