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Boys: No. 5 Copper Hills Dismantles No. 7 Park City

The No. 5 Copper Hills Grizzlies defeated the No. 7 Park City Miners on Monday by the score of 13-5. What appeared to be a close game on paper ended up being a rout for the Grizzlies.
“I was really pleased with the intensity of the game,” said Copper Hills Head Coach Matt Evans. “It was definitely the most complete game we’ve played thus far.”
The Grizzlies took over early, winning the opening face-off and taking a long possession. Both teams took their time feeling out the defense but Copper Hills scored first on a goal by Senior Attackmen Bryce Fontenot midway through the first on a slow break. Park City kept attacking the cage but Copper Hills Goalie Talyn Bowman was a rock between the pipes, constantly saving shot after shot. Copper Hills scored again at the five minute mark but the Miners continued to get the ball. The Copper Hills defense wouldn’t budge as they consistently forced bad shots and turnovers.
The second quarter was more of the same. Park City continued to shoot and Copper Hills continued to save shots. Copper Hills scored midway through the second off a rebound. Midfielder David Wissinger ran towards the crease, grabbed the rebound and quick-sticked the ball into the back of the net. The Grizzlies started to gain more and more momentum which led to a goal by Midfielder Parker Davis who took the ball at the face-off X and ran through the Park City defense, bouncing the ball past the Park City goalie for a goal and and extending the Grizzly lead to four.
Park City’s shooting woes continued. Bowman came out of the cage on a clear but lost the ball between the midfield and restraining line. Park City scooped it up and moved the ball forward to their Attackmen who shot it at an open goal but Copper Hills Defensemen Jacob Jackson stood in the crease and blocked the shot.
Park City was finally able to find the net when Clark Graham took the ball from the defensive end and ran through the Grizzly defense for the goal, cutting the score to 4-1 in favor of Copper Hills at halftime.

Copper Hills Defensemen Tyler Evans Defending Park City Attackmen Griffin Perkiel
Since Copper Hills had possession at the end of the half and were man-down, they started with the ball on their defensive end. Bowman cleared it to a midfielder who then found Attackmen Cody Pope who found Fontenot in the middle of the field in front of the crease who shot it for a goal just seconds into the second half.
The game turned into a physical battle with both teams committing several penalties which led to a short-handed goal by Park City Midfielder Joe Sisk to bring the score to 5-2. Copper Hills would score three more times to end the third quarter with a 8-2 lead.
The fourth quarter started with Park City winning the face-off and taking a bad shot. Bowman came out of the crease on a clear and lowered his head while running through a Park City attackmen, earning an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Bowman continued to taunt the Park City player after the whistle, earning him a second unsportsmanlike penalty and an ejection from the game. Sophomore Goalie Spencer Smith stepped into the cage for the Grizzlies.
The Grizzlies would score five more goals and only allow Park City to score three times en route to the 13-5 win.
“We controlled the ball and the game,” said Evans. “We worked it around and played a total offense. I’m really happy with how they played for sure.”
Copper Hills was led by Fontenot who had 5 goals and 4 assists.
The biggest surprise of the game was Park City Attackmen Griffin Perkiel who was shut down by Grizzly Defensemen Tyler Evans. Perkiel had been averaging 4.33 points per game and had 12 goals on the season, however, Perkiel didn’t register a single point against the Grizzlies.
Bowman had 17 saves and Smith had 4 saves. Park City Goalie Peter Hoburg had 8 saves.
Copper Hills will face conference foe No. 8 Waterford on Tuesday, April 12. Park City will play No. 6 Olympus on Wednesday.

  1. You got that wrong Bowman was laid out by the Freshman attack when Bowman came out of the crease with the ball and he was pissed so head butted the Attack and the Park city attack stood up to him.
    Oh another thing Bowman did not really stop that many shots. Park City kept hitting him in the Chest and Head with their shots so what looks like a good goal tending event was really poor shot selection by Park city. Yes CP won this round we will see you in the play offs.

  2. it’s bush league that Olympus is still ranked below Copper Hills even though they beat them and are undefeated.

  3. @PC Lax
    Still a little sore on the loss eh? And to clear the air on the matter, it was a blatant conduct call for spearing. This wasn't a make up call for "head butting" a poor attackman. Buck up and take the loss like a man. And as for the comment about the shots, a save is a save. There are plenty of ways to save the ball whether its with your chest or your head. Don't agree? Well maybe you should tune into ESPN U on Saturdays and catch Pierce Basset, Adam Ghitelman, John Galloway, or even Tyler Fiorito. Each and everyone of them will make a chest save if the ball is shot directly at their chest. And from the score listed above, it really sounds like you and the other PC shooters really need to focus your aim or better yet your game because a 13-5 beating will definitely show that you are more focused on complaining and calling out other teams players over a news website than you are on your own game.
    I don't know who CP is but from the looks of your class and the amount of points that CH was able to put up against you, I highly doubt you'll be able to see them in the playoffs anytime soon.

  4. There is obviously two sides to every story, It seems to me that "PC laxer" is still a little bitter about what happened to a top notch team that just got handled. Bowman played an excellent game and his stats prove that. So before reading the comment above, look at who wrote it and see that this is probably a Park City parent or player still upset about what happen. It wasn't that extreme and Bowman never once was on the ground. If you want to an argument maybe you should take a look at Bowman's arms after the game, I went to watch a great lacrosse game and ended up watching a great team up ending another and a goalie not being protected. All around great game by Copper Hills and Park City knows now that they are not Invisible.

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