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Olympus Girls Seeking New Head Coach

Olympus LogoOlympus Girls Lacrosse is looking for a Varsity Head Coach to continue to progress the vision, competitiveness, and growth of the girls lacrosse program. This coach will be in charge of all lacrosse aspects of the program. Olympus has a rich history as one of the early members in the girls lacrosse community with a well developed and respected Division I program.
Ideal candidate should have:

  • At least 3 years of Varsity Coach experience
  • A thorough knowledge of girls lacrosse: through training, certification, playing the game, or extensive experience
  • Organizational skills to manage player’s as well as parents
  • The ability to develop and carry out daily practice plans
  • The ability to lead and motivate girls on the field and off
  • Experience working as a team player participating in board meetings being looked to for input in directing the program

If you are interested in this position submit a resume and applicable references to Our goal is to fill this position ASAP with the right candidate. If you have questions you can call Craig Ward, 801-230-2182. The team website is

1 comment
  1. Gonna be weird not seeing a Davies on the sideline next year coaching But whoever steps in will definitely reap the benefits of the hard work and great leadership Andrew and Jessica put into that team.

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