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Olympus Holds on for Win Against Bingham

Bingham - Olympus

It was a nice night for lacrosse at Ron Thorne Stadium in South Jordan.  There was a huge crowd to support Bingham’s senior lacrosse players’ final home game and raise funds for Riley Culley, a Bingham football player fighting cancer.  The energy was high and the teams did not disappoint.  Olympus came out on top winning end 11 to 9, but the Miners gave them a game, and many new fans were introduced to the fastest game on two feet.
Bingham took the first draw, but it seemed the excitement from playing in the stadium with a huge crowd stunned their senses and they failed to advance the ball.  Olympus didn’t delay taking the ball and creating a fast break.  Daxton Allison assisted by Preston Burbidge scored before anyone knew what happened.  On the next play the Titans were called for a slash, and Bingham made good on the extra man offense when Josh Croall crashed the goal losing the ball, but a Titan defender knocked it into the goal.  That mistake could have set the tone for the game, but Olympus’s rock star face off guy, Josh Homer snatched the next draw and Bridger Fisher streaked the field scoring unassisted.   The Miners didn’t fold confidently winning the next face, and Kason Egggers rolled around the top of the box with a defender on his back, and then reached over and put the ball in the net.  The Titans hunkered down on offense shooting often, but Miner senior goalie Scott Bronson made what looked like several easy saves.  Olympus’s defense made it difficult for Bingham to get off a shot, causing turnovers and stealing the ball.  The Titans Ryan Lunt split the Miner defense and surprised Bronson scoring unassisted.  The rest of the quarter saw good defense from both teams, and it ended with Olympus in the lead 3 goals to 2.
Bingham - Olympus
The second quarter started with Homer taking control of the face off, and Olympus pressing offense unchecked.  Bronson made some great, crazy saves in and out of the crease, but Allison assisted by Burbidge eventually prevailed.  The Miners made a change in the face off, but the result was the same with Olympus’s complete dominance.  Walker Murphy received a great pass Ryan Lunt completing a beautiful overhead shot, and then Lunt decided he’d score without any help.  The Titans now had a four goal lead and frantic Bingham fans tried to rally with loud support and cheers.  It didn’t help.  Olympus continued its barrage; Murphy dodged from behind X and dumped on Bronson.  The Titans executed a perfect fast break-face off, headed straight for the net, ran a couple of dodge plays near crease confounding the Miner defense, and Allison scored a gorgeous behind-the-back goal assisted by Burbidge.  Burbidge menaced Bingham with continuous pressure forcing turnovers and Gage Fisher stole the ball when Bingham had a rare offensive stand.  To Bingham’s credit, senior long pole Jake Saenz had some great plays of his own including a steal.  There was a Titan penalty near the end of the half, but the Miners in complete disarray could not execute a play.  The Titans had scored five unanswered goals and the quarter ended with Olympus in the driver’s seat up by six, 8 to 2.
Bingham came out in the second half determined to make this a game.  Olympus had other ideas.  The Miners managed a rare faceoff win and started the assault.  Titan goalie Ben Shettler fought off three shots in a row.  Olympus headed to the offensive end, but backup goalie Jake Young turned them away.  The Titans caused a turnover on the clear, and that resulted in another goal from Allison, his third assisted by Fisher.  Bingham gained possession and middie Ricky Griffin took the ball down field.  The Miners passed it around and Jordan Brough found Griffin on the crease who muscled in a great shot.  Bingham was advantaged by a Titan penalty, and made good on the EMO when Dallin Bentley scored on a well-executed play.  Miner coach Marshall Kay was honoring his senior class with a lot of playing time and Tyson Conrad brought Bingham one goal closer with a great shot from the right assisted by X-man Riley Dial.  Olympus did not want to let the Miners gain momentum and they closed out the quarter with another athletic shot from Allison this time assisted by Lunt.  The score at the end of three was 10 to 5 and the atmosphere in the stadium was electric and optimistic, but the Miners still had a big hole to dig out of.
The Miners came out in the fourth inspired.  It was senior night!  No one wants to get killed on senior night.  Matt Anderson came up with the ball and let one rip scorching the net.  The deficit was now four.  Bingham continued its attack benefitting from a Titan early start on the face.  Olympus goalie Ben Schettler was ready for the fight and made a great save.  Olympus tried a counter attack that was turned away by Young, and Josh Croall turned a quick clear into a fast break getting the ball to Jordan Brough who scored before the Titans could get back.  The deficit was three and Miner fans were ecstatic.  Bingham’s Talen Little won a rare faceoff, but Titan giant defender Jerrick Kaye caused a key turnover.  He ran the other way and tried to score, but Young gathered it in quickly.  Croall used his speed to burn the Titan midfield and quick dodging to burn the defense scoring unassisted.  The deficit was now two and the Miners were pumped and aggressive.  The atmosphere on the field was frantic, which caused both teams to make a lot of unforced errors.  Olympus found itself man-down once again, and Eggers made good on the EMO scoring with an assist from Brough.  Bingham found itself within one, but time was winding down.  Olympus gained the key faceoff and starting burning what was left of the clock.  The Miners had to double to regain possession, which left Lunt open, and he put the dagger in the Miner’s hearts with an assist from Coleman Dunn.  With less than a minute left, Bingham gained possession and tried to score again, but Olympus’s defense dug in and time expired as their goalie made one last great save.
Bingham Head Coach Marshall Kay summed it up, “It was an emotional night for the Bingham family.  We came out a little anxious and unfocused as the game started.  We had a good first quarter, but an extremely bad second quarter.  I thought we responded well after half time, but we’re still waiting to put together four good quarters.” Kay noted he and Olympus Head Coach Walker Bateman were keeping tally, and he was hoping to go up 2 to 1 on him, but it turned out the other way around.  He said he’d get him next time.
Bateman commented, “This was our best game this year end to end.  We jumped out to a big lead, but I told my team Bingham was a second half team and I was right.  I love playing against Bingham and Coach Kay.  We went to college and played together, so it’s always fun.  It was a great matchup, a beautiful night for lacrosse and I’m glad we got the win.”
Kay reported the Bingham community raised over $4,000 for the Culley family and said he really appreciated the amazing support for his team and the Culley family.
Bingham heads to the ULA playoffs on May 10 against Herriman or Park City.  Olympus starts their playoff run on May 9 when they head to face Alta in the Quarterfinals of the UHSLL playoffs.

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