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Olympus Outlasts Lone Peak

Olympus - Lone Peak

On Wednesday night Lone Peak traveled up to play UHSLL rival Olympus at Olympus High.  The score was close the whole game; however, Olympus was able to come out on top with the 9-7 victory.
The game began with Olympus controlling the ball for a couple of minutes until Preston Burbidge dodged from X and found the back of the net before the slide help could get there.   Olympus would control the ball most of the quarter as they tried to break through the Lone Peak zone defense that was keeping the center of the field shut down.  After a turnover, Lone Peak tried attacking fast which was quickly turned away by the Olympus defense, who then took a fast break of their own and Daxton Allison found Burbidge for the goal.  Fifteen seconds later, off of the faceoff Olympus would extend their lead to 3-0 when Coleman Dunn took advantage of the unsettled Lone Peak defense and drove in for the goal.  Lone Peak got on the board with 7 seconds left in the quarter when they got a rare possession and Tanner Sheide drove straight through the Olympus defense to find the back of the net to end the quarter in a 3-1 advantage for Olympus.
Olympus - Lone Peak
The second quarter went very similar to the first with Olympus taking very long possessions to try and find a way around the Lone Peak zone defense which was holding strong and causing turnovers whenever Olympus would force the ball into the middle.  Lone Peak had a good chance off of one of the turnovers; however, Olympus defender Stowe Burbidge made a great lift check to end the opportunity.  Lone Peak would finally get a good possession of their own that they capitalized on when Sheide found Tanner Lloyd for the catch and shot to bring the game to a 3-2 advantage for Olympus. It wouldn’t take Olympus long to respond when thirty seconds later Olympus was a man up and Bridger Fisher found Walker Murphy for the outside high to high rip to extend the lead back to two.   Lone Peak would respond just before half again when Jake Pace found Sheide on a catch and laser past the goalie for the goal that would end the scoring for the half at 3-4 in favor of Olympus.
The second half began very similar to first with Olympus taking long possessions that many times would result in a stall warning as they tried to break through Lone Peak’s tough zone defense.  Olympus would strike first in the half off an extended possession where Daxton Allison found Jacob Jorgan for the goal.  Lone Peak would take more control of the possession of the ball towards the second half of the quarter and score when Sheide found Mitchel Decker open on the back side of the Olympus defense for the goal. All of the momentum was taken from Lone Peak when they got a penalty just before the quarter ended, and Olympus held on to the ball to start the fourth with the ball and man up.
Ben-Schettler-OlympusThe fourth quarter started quickly for Olympus when Ryan Lunt found Fisher who ripped the ball in from outside on the man up to extend their lead 6-4.  After an irreleasable penalty on Lone Peak for a high hit, Olympus would score man up again when Andrew Delis found Allison for the goal to extend the lead 7-4. Allison would be hit with an unsportsmanlike penalty after the goal that gave Lone Peak the ball on 5 on 5 lacrosse. It only took Lone Peak ten seconds to capitalize on the advantage when Sheide brought the ball in and found Decker for the rip past Olympus to bring the game back to 7-5 with 8:55 left in the fourth quarter. After both teams would trade another goal each to bring the score 8-6, Olympus would score as the Lone Peak defense would overstretch to try and get the ball back and Murphy beat his overzealous defender on the outside and went in for the easy goal.   Lone Peak would strike once more when Sheide found the back of the net but it was too little too late.  Olympus was able to finish the game with 9-7 win at home.
Olympus Head Coach Walker Bateman was excited about his team’s performance and said, “We were really looking to gel offensively. We played Centennial Friday; we did well on that game, and we were looking to continue that and have the offense flow better. Defensively, I would like our defense to stop allowing the goals inside a little better but as a whole I thought we played a great game.”
Olympus will look to build off this win Friday when they play Pleasant Grove at home in another UHSLL match-up.  Lone Peak on the other hand will look to rebound from this loss when they travel to Spanish Fork for the second game of their three straight game stretch away from home.

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