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Olympus Takes Early Lead, Defeats Jordan

Olympus Goalie Ben Schettler
Olympus Goalie Ben Schettler
The Olympus Titans took on the Jordan Beetdiggers Thursday in Salt Lake City. In what proved to be a close and even match, the Titans outscored the Beetdiggers 13 to 11.
The game began with both teams trying to get a feel for things. They worked the ball around, not taking many shots and eventually losing possession to their opponent. After several minutes, Olympus scored their first goal. Jordan quickly answered back with a goal of their own. At this moment the pace of the game changed dramatically and the game became much more exciting until the end.
Titan FOS Tanner Patterson began a pattern of domination that would continue throughout the quarter. He came out on top, drove the ball in and made a quick goal. Again, Patterson won the face-off. This time he was able to pass it off and get an assist as Olympus went up by two. But they were not done. For a third time, Patterson won the face-off and after a few quick passes, the Titans had scored again. By the end of the first quarter, Olympus was up 7 to 1.
Jordan did not take this deficit lightly. The Beetdiggers began their offensive domination of the second quarter, outscoring the Titans 5 to 1. Three of their goals were completed in man-up situations. To add to their offense, Jordan Goalie Jared Rigby made several amazing saves. Once, after leaving the goal wide open, Rigby sprinted back with his stick stretched out and positioned it perfectly in front of a shot to stop the goal. Olympus keeper Ben Schettler made a nice save of his own. When faced in a one-on-one, Schettler made a crucial save to help maintain the Titan lead.
The third quarter proved the most intense as both teams were scoring consistently. Again, both goalies were making excellent saves, however the Titans struggled to clear the ball. Jordan was able to pick off several long passes near midfield and converted two interceptions into goals. Throughout the quarter, Jordan was able to tie the score on multiple occasions, but never gained the lead. Late in the third, as the Beetdiggers attempted to clear the ball, a defender passed it to the goalie, who dropped the pass. The ball rolled slowly into the goal, putting Olympus back on top. The quarter ended with Olympus up 12 to 11.
If the third quarter was a one for offense to make strong plays, the fourth quarter belonged to the defense for both teams. Attackmen were forced to work the ball and eventually, when the time came to shoot, goalies would make more amazing saves. Both teams were riding hard, making it difficult to clear the ball down to the offense. Near the end of the final quarter, Olympus Attackmen Richard Horgan was able to score as the Titans were up two men due to Beetdigger penalties. As the game wound down, Jordan dominated the ball on offense and were frantic to score, but they were unable to convert giving the Titans the 13 to 11 victory.
The Titans are the No. 4 seed in the Salt Lake Conference and will take on No. 1 Alta in the first round of playoffs. The game will take place on May 9 at Alta’s home field. As the Beetdiggers have been eliminated from playoff position, this was their final game of the season.

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  1. I heard there was a bit of a brawl at the end of the game? Any word on what happened or any suspensions?

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