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Park City Miners Move On; Bingham Miners Are Out

Park City - Bingham

On a chilly May afternoon one team of Miners moved onto the semis and the other Miners had their season ended.  Over the years Bingham versus Park City has turned into a spirited rivalry.  Today both teams wanted this win and played hard.  Park City came out victorious, 13 to 9, ending Bingham’s season, but both teams of Miners fought hard until the very end.
The first quarter set the tone for a battle.  Bingham’s Talen Little came up with the first face and Park City committed a penalty.  Bingham’s Brigham Jewkes took the ball on the man-up restart, burned from the midfield and took the ball to the hole unassisted.  Park City didn’t rattle. On the ensuing face-off they went right to attack. Seasoned Bingham goalie Scott Bronson made a great save, but the clear was bad. Park City’s Albany-bound Carson Dutkanych assisted leading goal-scorer Kolton Atkinson for their first goal of the game.  Bingham got the next face, but Park City goalie Sheridan Buchholz turned them away.  The teams traded turnovers and then Atkinson was blessed with another goal aided by quick passing execution from Chase Christensen and Jake Maschoff.  Bingham didn’t panic, but they could not master the draw and Dutkanych kicked into high gear running Park City offense and assisting Tucker Mirams for another Park City goal.  Jackson Burton clamped the next face and quickly passed it to Dutkanych who burst into a fast break, burned the Bingham defense and scored unassisted.  When the quarter expired, Bingham was in a hole, down 4 to 1.  It looked like Park City was going to run away with this one.
Park City - Bingham
Park City took the first draw of the second quarter and dug in for the attack.  Bronson saved Park City’s first second quarter shot, and the clear was blown, but Bingham defenders Zach Meisenbacher and Bradin Wilson forced a turnover returning the ball to their offense.  Dallen Bentley was able to get around Park City defense and gave Bingham their second goal.  Park City committed a foul.  The call was not appreciated by their coach, garnering a second flag for unsportsmanlike conduct and resulting in a non-releasable situation.  Bingham took advantage of the extra man offense.  Joe Lambert received a pass from Josh Croall and scorched the net top right.  Bingham fans went nuts and the energy increased.  Little won the next face off for Bingham, but Buchholz turned the Bingham offense away.  Park City’s Christian Pompoco took a little wind out of BHS’s sails as he pressed their defense and was able to score unassisted.  Park City won the next face and their D-pole thought he’d get in on the action, but Bronson scooped the save and returned it to his offense.  Matt Anderson took the ball quickly down field, caught Park City in a bit of disarray and passed it to Lambert who scored again with a lefty low shot.  Park City was not going to let Bingham gain momentum.  They won the face and Pompoco sprinted to the crease, dodged left and then right and ripped a shot unassisted once again.  Park City controlled the draw, ran their offense, sent in a shot that was denied, but Cole Flinders grabbed the rebound stuffing the ball in.  Bingham dug deep; they attacked the goal with shot after shot.  Park City long-pole Chase Flinders snagged a steal, ran the length of the field and scored.  Burton secured the face again and Pompoco ended the quarter with a hat-trick scoring unassisted from the right.  Bingham had a better quarter scoring three, but Park City answered every attempt and adding five to their total.  The score at half was Park City 9, Bingham 4.
All year long Bingham has been a second half team.  Bingham Head Coach Marshall Kay called for a stick check at half time and Park City was found to have an illegal stick.  Park City started the second half man down, non-releasable for a long, long time.  Bingham’s leading scorer, Josh Croall led Bingham’s third quarter charge executing man-up well and Joe Lambert had his hat-trick.  Unfortunately Bingham still struggled with the face, and Flinders in substitution came up with the draw.  He passed to Pompoco who passed to Chase Christensen who scored even though Park City was man-down.  Bingham was deflated, but persevered, and on the next play it was Lambert who assisted Croall for his first goal of the game.  After winning the next draw, Bingham turned it over, but good defense from Mason Olson got the ball back and Lambert was able to score once again assisted by Kason Eggers.  The long non-releasable penalty was over and Bingham had three goals, but a foul put them in their first man-down situation of the game.  Park City wasted no time performing a well-played extra man offense and Atkinson padded his stats with another shot.  Park City gained another face, and spread the love when Ryan Smith scored with the assist from Christensen.  The teams traded penalties, with Bingham prevailing in their EMO, Bentley scoring with an assist from Landon Spencer.  At the end of three Bingham had made up a little ground, but Park City still had a sizable lead, 12 to 8.
Bingham won the first face off the fourth and Matt Anderson sprinted, dodged and scored.  Bingham fans were helping their team with encouraging chants and cheers.  Park City fans reciprocated with “Let’s go City”.  BHS frantically peppered the goal with good play from Blake McMullin and Jordan Brough, but Buchholz kept his cool and Park City defensive middies, Tucker Miram and Chad Merrick returned the ball to the Park City offense.  Dutkanych got into the action again executing a fast break and assisting Christensen for his second goal of the game.  Bingham’s defense led by the “Jakes”, Saenz and Wagstaff continued to work hard and return the ball to offense, but Park City defender Josh Hales assisted by the Flinders’ brothers made sure Bingham didn’t keep possession for long.  With a four-goal lead, Park City burned the clock.  Bingham’s attempts to score were turned away time and time again.  With time winding down, Kay subbed in his seniors Riley Dial, Tyson Conrad, Cody Elmen and Steven Mottola.  Time expired with Park City still holding its four-goal lead, 13 to 9.
Park City Head Coach Andy Langendorf stated, “We always have a very spirited game against Bingham and this was no different.  It’s become an interesting rivalry for us.  We won because our seniors stepped up and led our team.”
Kay was proud of his boys’ efforts and the camaraderie they have enjoyed this year.  He’ll miss his seniors, but it looking forward to an exciting season next year with seasoned Varsity players.
Park City moves on in the playoffs meeting Davis  in the semifinals on May 14th at Juan Diego High School.

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