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Park City Tops Bingham in No. 1 v No. 2 Showdown

Bingham v. Park City Girls Lacrosse

The Park City Miners descended from the slopes with hopes of a different result from last year’s championship game against the Bingham Miners on Thursday. Bingham has seen some drastic changes this season with graduating key players from last year’s championship squad as well as their head coach leaving. Park City is almost the exact same team as last year with Head Coach Amy Hafets as the current coach of the year still with them.

Bingham v. Park City Girls Lacrosse
c/o David Jones
The game began with Park City scoring easily and quickly off of the draw. Bingham would answer back with an identical goal off of the draw. This game seemed primed to be a close one; however, Park City would then go on a 3-0 goal scoring, which forced a Bingham timeout. After the timeout Bingham came out stronger and with more intensity making it 4-2. The teams would change goals until halftime leaving the score at 7-4 Park City. There was a key yellow card given to Kate Miele for dangerous propelling, a situation that was not capitalized on by the Miners who failed to score during that period.
After the half the Park City Miners continued to trade goals with Bingham, something they were obviously comfortable with doing. The game did get close towards the end as Bingham brought it within two, 9-7. Park City would then score quickly and called a timeout. The remaining five minutes were spent in an intentional stall by Park City ending the game 10-9 Park City.
Park City easily controlled this game through their draw control and efficient scoring. They never lost the lead. Kate Miele had 2 goals, Natalie Frost had 1 goal, Marina Mayo had 3 goals, Alex Miele had 1 goal, and Hannah Hyatt had 1 goal.
Bingham also spread their scoring load with six players scoring.
Thoughts on the Game:
Bingham: Bingham ran a 4-5-2, a method that did not work. They struggled to make in game changes to alter the course of the game. This team still looks poised for the number 1 seed in the South but they need to start finishing goals on the offensive end. They also struggled using their left and need to clear the ball better. I still see this team making it to the state championship game, maybe not winning.
Park City: Their midfield transitions look great, like they should, with how much talent they have. They need to get a better offense. I find that only running motion is too predictable and it is where they struggled in the championship last year, lack of offensive creativity. If they can run more than an isolation and motion, that wasn’t even pretty, then this team should win state.

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