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Prodigy Boys Coaches Poll – Week 3 – March 20, 2012

Utah Lacrosse News is proud to partner with Prodigy Network Inc for the 2012 Boys Coaches Polls. Week 3 brings new three new teams to each poll. Bountiful, Timpanogos and Jordan find the Top 10 this week in D-I with West, Logan and Syracuse also finding the Top 10 in D-II. Timpanogos and Park City have the same point total but Timpanogos gets the higher rank due to win percentage.

Rank Team Record Points Movement
1 Alta (4) 5-0 108 +1
2 Brighton (7) 4-2 105 -1
3 Juan Diego 4-0 85 +2
4 Bingham 5-0 82
5 Judge Memorial (1) 2-1 70 -2
6 Bountiful 3-2 41 NR
7 Timpanogos 3-1 29 NR
8 Park City 2-2 29 -2
9 Jordan 2-1 26 NR
10 Pleasant Grove 3-1 24 -1

Teams Receiving Votes:
Lone Peak (19 pts), Davis (16 pts), Copper Hills (14 pts), Olympus (12 pts)

Rank Team Record Points Movement
1 Waterford (5) 1-0 72
2 Herriman (2) 2-0 59 +2
3 Spanish Fork 0-3 53 -1
4 Lehi (1) 1-3 44 -1
5 Box Elder 0-0 42
6 West 3-0 35 NR
7 Orem 1-2 32 -1
8 Logan 1-1 29 NR
9 Fremont 1-1 18
10 Syracuse 1-3 17 NR

Teams Receiving Votes:
Sky View (11 pts), West Jordan (8 pts), Northridge (6 pts), Mountain Crest (6 pts), Woods Cross (3 pts), East (3 pts), Highland (1 pt)
How the Poll Works:
Each week Coaches vote on their Top 10. The first place team is given 10 points and the 10th place team gets 1 point. The teams are then ordered by how many points they get.
Records based on
Comment below and let us know what you think of the Top 10 polls. Who would be your Top 10?

  1. Weird to see a team that is 0-3 at 3rd in D-II but Spanish Fork has played some great teams so far. Their game on 3/27 against Waterford will be telling. 

    1. SF has returned most of its players from last year. So they have the talent, I guess they are having internal issues. Timpanogas is underrated. I think they’ll be the surprise of DI. But no one is better than Alta. Dem boys are good.

      1. Span fork actually graduated their defense. If you played them last year you know that was the strength of their team. They’re good still, but not as good as last year.

  2. i dont get why Juan Diego hopped bingham in the rankings…Bingham has 4 quality wins against tough oppenents..while JD is 4-0 againts teams with a combined record of 2-9. Makes No sense!! It should be Bingham and Alta fighting for those top spots until other teams in D-1 prove themselves

      1. This is a coaches poll. It’s not the rankings. The Sandy Conference is going to have some great competition this year. Who ever “shows up” at the conference games is going to most likely win it all this year.

    1. AND Bingham’s offense is ENTIRELY dependent on Chris Severson. That is a severe disadvantage. Juan Diego has more threats on offense than any other team. They have no standout figure.

  3. Timpanogos is definately underrated. They have alot of talent and could go far. But one thing i don’t get is how PG is behind Jordan when they beat them like 15-9?

  4. I think that Park city is under rated.  They lost to 
    Bingham by 1 in OT, kept Alta to there lowest scoring game this year, and at a preseason tournament almost beat Judge.  
    I also think Jordan is under rated along with Copper hills.  

  5. If I were voting week 4 would look like this:
    1 herrimam (3-0) 3 wins and one vs a D1 school? You’ve earned it.
    2 box elder (1-0) beat previously 3-0 West handedly.
    3 mountain crest (2-0) beat Syracuse by 2 and Orem by 12, both previously ranked teams.
    4 waterford (1-1) why so many #1 votes? Cause D2 coaches associate the name with a previous D1 power. But this team is D2 for a reason. Someone ask orem’s coach which team is better, the one that beat them 8-4 (waterford) or 20-8(mountain crest)?
    5 lehi (2-3) 2 wins in D2, and 3 losses in D1(two of them close losses).This team will beat both east and logan this week; has beat mountain crest 3 years consecutively, so that will be a good game.
    6 Logan (3-2) 3 lost its first D2 game Saturday to west Jordan, who previously lost to fremont, who was beat by… Logan. These 3 teams are close, but Logan is the only one with a winning record overall.
    7 sky view (1-0) beat Murray handedly; but that’s expected. But your sporting a 0 in the loss column so you deserve some ranking.
    8Spanish Fork (0-3) did I just put a winless team in my poll? Their offense is anemic at his 4 goals a game any they give up double digit goals, some they did only twice last year. But head to head, I don’t see this team losing to the teams below them. Hope they prove me right.
    9 Fremont (2-2) hard team to figure out. Beat 3-0 west but then was beat badly by Logan.
    10 west (3-2) the 3-0 start was weak with 2 one goal wins and a win over Murray. But losing to fremont and box elder isn’t the end of the world because they’re good teams. Bad week for you, but I would bet your ranking will only go up from here.
    Honorable mention: west jordan(2-4) with a double headed sweep
    of Logan and Idaho falls. Your 4 losses are all quality opponents. Syracuse (1-4) down 5 goals vs mountain crest, a late rally made it close. No real bad losses.

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