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Prodigy Boys Coaches Poll – Week 5 – April 12, 2011

Utah Lacrosse News is proud to partner with Prodigy Network Inc for the 2011 Boys Coaches Polls. Judge claims the top spot for this first time this season with Alta jumping to second after beating Brighton last week. Park City leaped Olympus after the Miners beat the Titans by one last week. Davis retained the top spot in D-II with Herriman rejoining the poll.

Rank Team Record Points Movement
1 Judge (6) 9-0 95 +1
2 Alta (2) 6-1 90 +1
3 Brighton (1) 6-3 81 -2
4 Juan Diego 3-2 65
5 Copper Hills (1) 6-2 54
6 Park City 4-1 49 +1
7 Olympus 5-1 39 -1
8 Bingham 5-5 29 +1
9 Waterford 4-4 24 -1
10 Pleasant Grove 3-5 11

Teams Receiving Votes:
Lone Peak (8 pts.), Weber (2 pts.), Jordan (1 pt.), Bonneville (1 pt.), Jordan (1 pt.)

Rank Team Record Points Movement
1 Davis (6) 7-1 76
2 Box Elder (2) 5-1 60
3 Lehi 7-2 57 +1
4 Timpanogos 4-2 55 -1
5 Spanish Fork 5-2 45
6 Northridge 3-2 39 +1
7 Mountain Crest 4-4 34 -1
8 Fremont 3-3 29
9 Herriman 3-5 17 NR
10 West 2-4 12

Teams Receiving Votes:
Mountain View (9 pts.), Highland (3 pts.), Idaho Falls (2 pts.), Pocatello (1 pt.), East (1 pt.)
How the Poll Works:
Each week Coaches vote on their Top 10. The first place team is given 10 points and the 10th place team gets 1 point. The teams are then ordered by how many points they get.
Comment below and let us know what you think of the Top 10 polls. Who would be your Top 10?

  1. What coaches do you have voting for the poll? It looks like only 10 coaches vote on this poll? Obviously we have the Copper Hills and Judge coaches voting because no one in their right mind would give Copper Hills a 1st place vote and the other coaches may not realize the nice SOFT schedule that Judge has played.

    1. its nice to have some else realize how easy judges schedule is. its pretty easy to get to 9-0 when the only decent team they have play was JD and look how that game turned out. they beat them by one. its time the judge coaches stop worrying about their pretty record and start worrying about advancing their skills.

      1. The state tournament will truly show who is #1. No need for unsupported rants/thoughts gentlemen. Give credit when it is due and stop complaining. As for a comment on the JD-Judge Game, ever hear of a little thing called RIVALRY? You can't count any team out in that kind of atmosphere. I don't think that Judge has ever missed getting into the state tournament ; add four state championship appearances, and two state championships and you can see that they HAVE advanced lacrosse in this state for years. Sounds like there a lot of skill going on there.

    2. Some people need to think before they open their mouth or at least educate themselves as to the process of what is being done. The complaining of teams and where they " think" they deserve to be ranked is old and to very honest…boring. Instead of crying in your cereal show your game on the field. And just a thought for you…it is possible for programs to improve and win the "top" ranked teams. It is called progress.

  2. sucks for brighton, falling off. time to step it up and work for what they deserve.

    1. just wait to see what happens to the rest of their opponents. the alta game was a slip up. they all recognized it. i think the lose did them good and proved to them they can be beat by these terrible utah teams and they have already shown improvement

      1. Terrible Utah teams? I don't see a sticker labelling Brighton as "invincible" and/or highly superior to any of Utah's high caliber teams. In my opinion if the team and its support continues to think that they are on a higher pedestal than these "terrible" teams, they will find themselves among that same label in the near future.

    2. Here is a possible fina four in the D-I semifinals Alta, Brighton, Judge and Juan Dieago. Copper hills and Olympus are wanta bees but will not be there. Two sleeper teams will be Watorford and Park city. Hope ULA sets the brackets so we can see those four teams play in the semis.

  3. It might be good for them to have a little motivation now. It looked like they were just going through the motions against Alta.

  4. I love how this is taking shape Tim! I think Brighton is still the team to beat as the defending champs, but I see a lot of teams who are all right there neck and neck battling it out this year – Great to see the tight competition.

  5. How good is Alta this year? I mean they deserve SOME credit for beating Brighton right?
    Would Alta be able to beat them again if they met in the state championship?

    1. when judge stops playing these cake out of state teams and plays some real 'top' teams then the respect for them would come. but playing these .500 teams just to pad their stats and record isnt going to get them any respect

      1. Everybody has played weak teams this year. Smart coaching decision to me, especially when you have a team of younger players that you need to develop come crunch time. Those weaker teams have been allowing a lot of other players to get experience. Timberline and BK are two solid programs, and Judge beat a copper hills team that is hungry. Olympus and Judge should be a good game, but even if Judge loses a game or two down the stretch, the state tournament will be the final say for who should be #1. Arguing about it now is senseless.

        1. If there is no arguing about polls till the state tournament, then why even have weekly polls? The polls are FUN! They are also a reason we ALL check the website and comment on these comment boards. Arguing and stating opinions about other teams also makes it fun.
          Olympus v Judge should NOT be a good game if Judge is living up to it's ranking. Ask the Olympus coaches, they have 4 starters injured or out for the year. If Judge doesnt beat Oly by 5+ goals it does not speak well for them being #1 ranked. (Brighton just beat Oly 11-2)

          1. It is fun as long as people maintain a CIVIL discussion, and are able to back up their opinions with fact rather than go off on an emotional rant. In the end, a W is still a W. Doesn't matter how you get it as long as you are able to achieve it against ANYONE you play. If all you are going off of is the score, rather than going to the games and actually seeing the quality/potential of a team, then your opinion really doesn't have much weight to it. What it will come down to is when Judge and Brighton play each other, and I anticipate a good game. Judge plays more team ball than Brighton, and Brighton has some very talented players.

          2. Discussions are great! Gotta love people getting fired up over utah lax.
            Judge and Brighton are two great teams with very different personalities. Judge is a very discplined team with few real athletes but they know how to grind out a win. Brighton can just flat out run and score in transition.
            Bulldogs Vs. Bengals will definitely be the best game of the regular season

          3. I assume you are basing your prophetic prediction off of the score of the Oly vs. Judge game, which is not a good indicator of anything because history shows that Judge and Olympus games have been close the last couple of years. Even if Judge loses to Brighton, it doesn't mean anything other than Judge will have needed motivation to prep for the play-offs. Assuming that they don't finish the year undefeated, of course.

  6. park city does not deserve to be in the top ten. they cheated their way to the win last week, and aren't good enough to even beat Bingham.

  7. Just keep taking Copper Hills for granted. They are going to surprise some people this year! The team is for real and the program has been building momentum for several years now. I wouldn't count them out!

    1. i would! they MAYBE have a couple good players that are carrying their whole team. i dont doubt that they will surprise people this year but it wont be because of them winning games.

      1. Be careful throwing stones my friend…Everyone has a aspects of thier game, whether it be individuals..sidelines or even certain coaches that need to be more sportmanlike…Whoever your team may be…you are included in this. Your " implied" remarks are shameful to you and your program. Just as a sidenote…I have been very lucky to see many progams play this year…I have YET to see one where their whole team deserves an MVP…and without knowing who your team is I include you in this!

  8. Some scores from Wednesday:
    Alta beats Juan Diego, 13-6
    Brighton beats Oly, 11-2
    Judge beats Copper Hills, 7-6

  9. In DII you have to look at Spanish Fork a little better. They just beat Lehi 10-5 and Lehi moves up in the poll???

  10. Kudos to Spanish Fork – they played a great game, and showed they are a championship contender in DII again this year. I was surprised to see the poll results. I expected Lehi to tumble down a few spots and Spanish Fork to move up.

  11. The arguments presented for DI can also be used for DII. Box Elder has played no one special and yet they are 2nd? Timpanogas, Spanish Fork, and Lehi have all played better teams and still carry an equal record. The Utah county teams will be competing for the state championship again. Davis is young and the rest are overrated.
    Props to Spanish Fork. Lehi has ran with good teams from DI and the score looks like SF was in control.

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