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Prodigy Boys Coaches Poll – Week 6 – April 19, 2011

Utah Lacrosse News is proud to partner with Prodigy Network Inc for the 2011 Boys Coaches Polls. Alta takes the top spot in D-I, followed closely by Judge. Copper Hills jumped two spots causing Brighton and Juan Diego to fall. Bonneville and Bountiful enter the poll. In D-II, Davis continues to be the No. 1 ranked team. Mountain View comes back into the Top 10 after getting knocked out last week.

Rank Team Record Points Movement
1 Alta (5) 8-1 86 +1
2 Judge (3) 11-0 79 -1
3 Copper Hills (1) 8-3 70 +2
4 Brighton 8-3 61 -1
5 Juan Diego 5-3 53 -1
6 Park City 4-2 46
7 Olympus 5-3 30
8 Bingham 6-6 26
9 Bonneville 6-2 19 NR
10 Bountiful 4-6 11 NR

Teams Receiving Votes:
Waterford (6 pts.), Pleasant Grove (5 pts.), Lone Peak (3 pts.)

Rank Team Record Points Movement
1 Davis (5) 8-1 75
2 Box Elder (3) 7-1 71
3 Lehi 7-2 55
4 Spanish Fork 5-2 52 +1
5 Timpanogos 4-2 49 -1
6 Mountain Crest 5-4 40 +1
7 Northridge 3-3 30 -1
8 Fremont 4-4 23
9 Herriman 5-5 20
10 Mountain View 3-3 12 NR

Teams Receiving Votes:
West (5 pts.), Idaho Falls (3 pts.), East (3 pts.), Highland (2 pts.)
How the Poll Works:
Each week Coaches vote on their Top 10. The first place team is given 10 points and the 10th place team gets 1 point. The teams are then ordered by how many points they get.
Comment below and let us know what you think of the Top 10 polls. Who would be your Top 10?

  1. Brighton BEHIND Copper Hills and Judge……..that is laughable! Brighton will beat Judge BAD in week+ and move into 2nd position where they should be. A lot of good conference games coming up to finish the season. It should be interesting to see how the end of the season plays out and how the seedings work out for the playoffs.

  2. Once again, how is it possible that Spanish Fork beat Lehi by 5 points and are still ranked behind them. No logic there. I think some voting coaches are voting off of win/loss record and not off the results and strength of schedule.

  3. And seriously? Brighton behind Judge and Copper Hills. the 3 losses brighton has have come from Western powerhouses. Yes, I think Alta is that good. Judge and copper hills belong in the 5th and 6th spot. No higher. Judge's schedule is weak and Copper Hills is inconsistant. Brighton and Alta will be in the championship if the brackets work out in their favor. If not, then brighton/Alta semifinal will determine the state champion.

      1. An absolute shame that Brighton v Alta would be in the semifinals……the winner should walk thru the state championship game.
        Alta and Brighton are on a different level than the rest of the teams this year.
        BUT, that being said, Alta was upset in the 1st round last year…..we will see if it plays out that way.
        "That's why they play the games"

    1. How do you figure 5 and 6 for Judge and Copper Hills? Who else in UTAH would you think is better and belongs in third and fourth based on records? Judge is good. Copper Hills is up and coming. Explain exactly why you feel this way, besides the 'weak' schedule excuse that EVERYONE is using on this forum. I am all for Judge. If you don't like it that a small school is doing well over 'public' schools, then that is your issue. It is hard to stay undefeated, and there were games that Judge could have dropped if THEY WERE NOT A GOOD TEAM. They stuck out some hard wins against motivated opponents, and for a team that is smaller than most, they have done a good job this year. Hate all you want, but Judge has been getting it done. A W is a W no matter what the score.

      1. This is NOT a private v public school or large v small school debate. This is a debate about a WEAK schedule. Make it what you will, the Brighton game will say everything that needs to be said. Until then, Judge's schedule is weak. No disrespect and kudos to being undefeated, but until Judge plays Brighton or Alta, the schedule will be considered weak.

  4. So who are the 8 coaches who vote on this?
    IMO more coaches should be voting to make this a more valid poll.

  5. You had to think Judge would drop a spot this week after squeaking past Oly… Copper Hills is a hot team right now and they're making plenty of noise around the league, Brighton just has those 3 losses on the record that make them look weaker on paper. If Brighton was 8-1 on the season then theyd have to be at number 2.
    also, Its interesting that Bonneville finally cracked the top 10 after sitting atop their division for a while now.
    Can't wait til next year when we can get every coach in the league casting votes!

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