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Prodigy Play of the Week: Week 1

Utah Lacrosse News, in partnership with the Utah Lacrosse Association and Prodigy Network, bring to you the first Play of the Week Nominees! We want you to vote for the best play from Week 1 of Utah High School lacrosse action! The winner will be announced on Thursday morning. At the end of the season, all of the Play of the Week winners will go head-to-head to find the Prodigy Play of the Year!

No. 1 – Ethan Gosselin – Judge
Judge Attackmen Ethan Gosselin scores the great goal by shooting low through two defenders.
No. 2 – Spencer Gadd – Davis
Davis Defender Spencer Gadd scoops up the ball in his own half, runs it down the field dodging several Lehi defenders and shoots and scores.
No. 3 – Mitchell Rall – Juan Diego
Juan Diego Attackmen Luke Graney dodges defenders and then finds midfielder Mitchell Rall on the crease for the doorstep goal after catching the Bonneville defense ball watching.
No. 4 – Herriman 2 Pass Goalie To Goal
The Herriman Mustangs only took two passes to get a goal starting from goalie Nick Williams. Williams passed it to defensemen Tyler Weeks breaking down the field. Weeks drew the defense and found attackmen Dillon Meyer who slotted it home for the goal.
No. 5 – Michael Perry – Pleasant Grove
Pleasant Grove Attackmen Michael Perry gets a pass from near the top of the box, takes a few steps looking to rip it but pulls his stick in, dodges the defender and scores on a behind-the-back shot for the great goal.
No. 6 – Taylor Covey – Brighton Long Pole
Brighton long pole Taylor Covey picks off the pass at midfield and takes it to the house, shooting from 12 yards out past the Spanish Fork goalie for the goal.
No. 7 – Spencer Merrifield – Pleasant Grove
Pleasant Grove Junior Attackmen Spencer Merrifield gets the feed from behind the crease and goes with the behind-the-back shot for the goal.
No. 8 – Jonathan Wagstaff – Timpanogos
Timpanogos Attackmen Jonathan Wagstaff collects the ball behind the crease and quickly finds space, shooting the ball with a nice lefty shot.
No. 9 – Chersten Ostler – Jordan
Jordan Chersten Ostler takes it to the cage through three defenders to get the goal.
No. 10 – Chase Paulson – Brighton
Brighton Attackmen Chase Paulson gets the ball, takes a few steps towards the crease while shaking a defender and rips it top left for the great goal.
voting is closed!

  1. The fact that there is only one female lacrosse highlight should go to show how good Chersten actually is. 

    1. Umm… ’cause goalie… to middie… to attack boring basic shot somehow trumps faceoff to juke and behind-the-back to score? One less step, plus an incredible juke and then amazing goal? I guess we’re not surprised you are Herrimanswag – your name tells the story. Kudos for supporting your team. Now how about giving honest credit where it’s due?

    2. They only showed Herriman’s highlight cause it was their only goal of the game.

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