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Prodigy Play of the Week: Week 7 Nominees

Another great week of plays are here! Week 7 of the Prodigy Play of the Week is now live. Remember, only 5 votes per day, per play, from the same IP address will count towards the final tally. Check out the highlight and vote. Spread the word to all your friends! The winner will be announced on Friday morning.
No. 1 – Kyle Jessee – Skyline
Skyline Midfielder Kyle Jessee cuts through the middle of the field, catches the pass and shoots it behind-the-back for the goal.
No. 2 – Mitch Wilkes – Davis
Davis Attackmen Josh Gee finds teammate Mitch Wilkes cutting down the middle of the field. Wilkes jumps, catches and quick sticks while in the air, slotting it past the goalie for the great goal.
No. 3 – James Taylor – Bountiful
Bountiful Attackmen James Taylor extends his arm to catch the ball with one hand and then slots it home for the goal.
No. 4 – Ian Kadish – Skyline
Skyline Midfielder Ian Hultquist gets the ball off an errant pass from the goalie. Hultquist finds midfielder Ian Kaddish right in front of the crease who fakes a couple of times then backhands it in for the great goal.
No. 5 – Davy Colby – Orem
Orem Goalie Davy Colby comes up with a great save against Herriman.
No. 6 – Juan Diego Transition
Juan Diego Long Pole Matt Jungemann gets the ball and starts to clear. The Copper Hills ride forces him to switch hands behind his back. Jungemann then finds midfielder Tyler Buck who starts a clinical fast-break. Buck finds Luke Graney who finds Tommy Maddox for the great goal.
No. 7 – Matthew Michaeli – Alta
Alta Midfielder Matthew Michaeli takes the ball from behind the crease, dodges through two defenders, wraps around the crease and puts through the goalies legs for the great goal.
No. 8 – Braden Pelly – Judge
Judge Long Pole Braden Pelly takes it to the hole, dodging defenders left and right, bouncing it in for the goal.
No. 9 – Fremont Transition
Fremont Midfielder Taylor Preisler takes the ball on the fast-break and finds attackmen Michael Goldsberry on the crease who turns quickly and shoots for the goal.
No. 10 – Jared Workman – Viewmont
Viewmont Attackmen Jared Workman takes the ball from behind the crease, wraps around and shoots top-right at a small angle for the goal.
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