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Ravens Fly Past Darts for Another Division Win

Waterford Ravens

The Waterford Ravens hosted the Davis Darts Thursday evening and claimed their fourth conference win. Both teams played well, but in the end the Raven’s execution and smart shooting gave them the 8-2 win.
Waterford opened scoring in the first quarter after carefully creating their desired play. Midfielder Caden Beyer answered back with the Darts’ first goal. Waterford continued control for the majority of the quarter, scoring twice more.
Despite winning a handful of faceoffs in the second, Davis struggled to possess the ball. Waterford played a tight defense that won them the ball, giving them the opportunity to score three more goals and hold the Darts scoreless. The quarter ended with goal scored by Raven attackman Luke Pyper, diving for the shot and falling into the crease with just 8 seconds left on the clock.

Waterford Ravens
c/o David Welsh
Davis re-entered the field with a new resolve in the second half. Dart midfielder Boston Frasier scored the first goal for the third quarter. At this point in the game each team shared offensive possession fairly evenly. Davis had finally gotten into a groove and had many great shots. However, Waterford would not have any of it and the quarter included some excellent saves.
Waterford scored the final two goals of the game in the third. James Eardley scored his third goal by working the ball from behind the cage, around the crease and in. Pyper scored his second with just 28 seconds left in the quarter.
Regardless of the six point margin, the intensity of the game increased in the fourth quarter. Both teams were making the right plays on offense. At the same time defense increased and both teams were making crucial saves. As intense as the quarter ended up, neither team could score and the Ravens won 8-2.
Waterford moves on to play East on Saturday. Davis’ next game is against Park City on April 21, another conference game.

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