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Ravens Land on the Ship

2016-ClassB-ActionThe end of the season at the Bengals’ field on championship day, 4:34 pm, faceoff was swiped by Kade Wheathers #10 Bonneville, and the Class-B championship was on its way. The pre-game warm-ups were looking like this would be a good match-up between the Bonneville Lakers and Waterford Ravens for the 2016 Championship. Waterford’s methodical offense and stout defense kept the Lakers from ever really settling in on offense, and the Ravens slowly ground down Bonneville to capture the boys Class-B championship, 6-2.
Bonneville possessed the ball for the first 2 minutes with shots but no early goals on the board. With Bonneville and Ravens both possessing well, controlling the ball, and making threats on the strong opposing defenses of both teams.
Bonneville got an early jump with a man-up about halfway through first quarter, not taking advantage of the man-up but, showing good potential for future opportunities. David Meabon #13 Waterford putting up the icebreaking first point with a rip, making this Championship heat up. The first quarter ended with an aggressive rip by Waterford and a save by Hunter Combe #11, with Waterford starting the second quarter up one.
#7 Ian Stockham assisted #18 Henry Christiansen for another Waterford goal early in the second. Waterford was showing confidence in the second quarter, putting shots on goal and possessing with aggression. “Skylar Wheathers, just a bit high” said the announcer after a rip by Bonneville who seemed to be close but not in the goal for a handful of shots. #14 Talbot Child, as he got put to the turf, somehow whipped his stick around his back for a two-minute half warning goal by the Ravens. The first half ended with the Ravens 3-0 over the Lakers.
The Ravens bursted into the second half with one goal–to score goals. They achieved this goal throughout the third quarter with ease, putting three goals up on the board. Bonneville pushed hard but had just one goal put up by Brady Thornock. Boston Dumas put one in the back of net to get Bonneville a little closer in the fourth quarter.
When asked what Waterford head coach Dave Brattin thought before the game, he said “Our boys are excited to be here, we are here to have fun and execute,” these boys looked like they had fun and we saw them execute throughout the whole game, “we hope that this will lead to the win,” which we see led to the Ravens being the 2016 champions!2016-ClassB-Trophy
Both teams fought hard and Bonneville came out with fire, but the Ravens could not be stopped, ending with a 6-2 win for Waterford. “We had a lot of ups and downs throughout the season, but it is days like today that make every second put into lacrosse worth it.” Said MVP Ty Cramer #23. Congratulations to the class B Utah lacrosse champions the Waterford Ravens.

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