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Riverton Beats American Fork in Double Overtime, Moves On to Playoffs

Riverton LacrosseThe Riverton Silverwolves defeated the American Fork Cavemen Friday at American Fork High School. This was the final season game for both teams and was the deciding factor on which team would move on to the playoffs. Riverton came from being behind early in the game to winning in double overtime by the score of 7-6.
The first quarter started with American Fork scoring a quick goal, and they continued to do so throughout the quarter. Both teams were playing excellent defense; stick checks were right on target and forced several turnovers. The Cavemen were able to outscore the Silverwolves 4-0 in the first quarter. The last of these four goals came when attackmen Coulson Tucker came around the crease from behind the goal, wrapping around his defender and sinking the ball into the goal.
Soon after the second quarter began, Riverton answered back making their first goal of the game. This was followed by another goal from Tucker on a fast break play. At this point there was a major transition in the game. Riverton Midfielder Zac Tueller scored a goal coast-to-coast on a clear. This was followed by two goals from attackmen Jared Mohney, the second of which was from a rebound that bounced high of a goalie save. At halftime the score was 5-4 with American Fork leading.
Neither team was able to score in the third quarter, but not for lack of desire or playing hard. Both team stepped up their defense. They kept their opponent from finding an open man near the goal and forced the offenses to pass the ball around the outside of the restraining box. Eventually shots were taken out of desperation. Most notably, however, were the saves in the third quarter. Both goalies, Chad Wood of Riverton and Chase Smith of American Fork, were able to make some amazing saves and clear the ball back to the offense.
Partway through the fourth quarter, Riverton was able to tie the score for the first time in a smooth transition play. Beginning with the goalie, they were able to make perfect passes as they cleared it down the field. Attackmen Mathew Poe made the goal for the Silverwolves, assisted by Tueller. Late in the fourth, players, fans and even referees were beginning to get frustrated. At one point there were three Cavemen and one Silverwolf in the penalty box. Fans were also warned to keep comments to themselves.
With just a few minutes left in regulation, American Fork Was able to pull ahead once more. Tucker made the goal and was assisted by midfielder Kynaston Case. With American Fork ahead, Riverton began to get desperate. They did a great job controlling the ball and creating plays, but came up short shot after shot. Finally, after a timeout, Riverton tied it up again with only 7 seconds left in regulation.
The game moved into overtime. Both teams were making great plays on offense, but again the heroes of the first overtime period were the goalies. Neither team was able to get the ball past them and the game went on into double overtime. Riverton’s sideline was getting louder as the game progressed; they were really showing how much they wanted this. They dominated the ball on offense and kept shooting. As they brought the ball in near the crease, it was checked to the ground. Attackmen Mitchell Williams was ready. He scooped it up and quickly shot as he was checked to the ground. The ball had made it past the goalie and Riverton took home the win.
Riverton is now set to prepare for playoffs, while American Fork will not be moving on. The first round of playoffs will take place May 9. Riverton will take on the No. 1 seed from the North Conference in the first round of playoffs.

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