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Rufus Frost of Park City Checks In From Montreal

Rufus Frost - McGill LacrosseRufus Frost is currently a sophomore at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  He is not the only Utahn attending McGill. Along with Frost, Jake Gutman and Alexander Roussos, all of which graduated from Park City High School together. These three have had a great start to their second season of post-high school lacrosse.
Frost’s freshman season, McGill went 14-2 making it all the way to the Finals for the CUFLA championship.  They lost in a close battle against Guelph 14-11.  Frost has used this loss to fuel himself for the off season. Being a midfielder, Frost wanted to come back faster and a better dodger than where he was at the end of the season.
I have been working a lot in the weight room to improve my speed. Lots of leg and hip exercises. Also, improving my left handed shot on the run is and will continue to be a big project for me this off-season,” he said.
Comparing this season to last season, Frost said that his mental toughness has grown the most.
“It can be difficult coming in as a freshman after your senior year. You immediately find yourself as a small fish in a big pond, contrary to what one experiences in their final year of high school lacrosse,” he said.  “But once you get in some big games and make some big plays, your confidence slowly starts to build. You begin to think less, and play more.”
Even though the off season for Candida is just beginning, Frost is already looking forward to a revenge playoff match against Guelph, and knocking them out of the running.
“Nothing would be sweeter than some redemption against the team that took it away from us this year,” Frost said.
Lacrosse aside, what do you like doing in your spare time?
Going to concerts, playing the saxophone, skiing, football, watching sports
Favorite band?
Dave Matthews Band
“You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky
Cliché, yes I know, but it is the quote my dad put on my mirror during high school. It really helped me progress as a lacrosse player.
Favorite NCAA Lacrosse team?
Duke. There is no coach better than John Danowski.
Shout outs?
Aaron Isaacson (Judge), Chris Boland (Park City) – Friends that play at CU. Go get that natty ‘ship this year!

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