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Say "I Don't Know" and You Will Learn Everything

Lacrosse CoachingI am a moron. That is undisputed. Except by my mother, and she may be jiving too. The biggest problem with my moronic lifestyle is that I am supper cocky and arrogant with a large slice of pretentiousness thrown in there. And that has stunted my growth in a million ways. Not the least of which is coaching. I have had some great moments as a coach. And learned a billion things from some of my mentors along the way. But I apparently have been unwilling to learn from those around me. Especially for the last few years since I stopped coaching at BYU under Jason Lamb. I thought that we had perfected what I knew how to do and was set to do those things for the rest of eternity (or as long as people will let me coach).
The problem is, that I was getting worse as a coach. I wasn’t getting better. I learned just how far off I was when Jason came out to help run a camp at East this summer for our team. I was so excited to show him some drills that we had been running that I had developed and I wanted desperately for him to tell me how great they were and to run back to Notre Dame and have them start doing them.
Needless to say, it didn’t happen. Every one of my drills had to be tweaked to run it better. And I realized that I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had just been copying things I had seen us run 6 years ago. And maybe added in a flavor or two of my own. He changed everything. We stayed up all night one night so he could teach me the basics of what the game is right now. I didn’t sleep for a week. I watched game film all night and all day. I still have papers with weird words and shapes on them that I tried to cull from the games I studied that week. I learned I was a moron. And I hope I have learned my lesson in the coaching world. That I need to know more. That I am still a simpleton. And that if I say “I don’t know”, I will learn everything.
So in light of that, and in an effort to build up the coaching level in the state of Utah along with me, Epiphany Lacrosse will start providing coaches training once a month. They will take place on Thursdays and will be at various places around the state so that we can be close to all coaches at some point or another. They will be aimed at Youth, Middle School and High School levels. They will be from some of the top coaches and people in the state and the nation. We will feed you dinner. And it will be free. I don’t want anything more than to learn from you coaches. So please, I beg you, come out and learn with me.
The first training session is set for September 20 at Face Off Lacrosse. Charlie Freedman and Mason Goodhand will be the speakers. We will kick off at 6:30 and be done by 8:30. Charlie is going to speak about building a youth organization and Mason will be speaking on “Fundamentals of playing offense without the ball.”
I am very excited that both of these men are willing to come out and speak to us and let us pester them with questions. I have more people lined up to speak in the future including Jason Lamb, Jordan Harris and a few other local high school and college coaches. If you have any questions please let me know at and you can RSVP on our Facebook page here

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