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Sky View Bobcats Beat Lehi Pioneers, 15-5

Sky View Attackmen Brock W. Halling c/o Rick Parker
Sky View Attackmen Brock W. Halling c/o Rick Parker

Saturday morning’s game between Lehi (5-2) and Sky View (4-0) was touted throughout the week to be a game you would not want to miss. But by the end of the 15-5 Sky View victory, it looked like the Pioneers of Lehi were not ready to explore the Great White North that the Bobcats of Sky View call home.
“We knew we had to win this one,” Sky View Head Coach Troy Oldham said. “We came in with two really good games ahead of this one in Orem (3-5) last night and in American Fork (3-2) earlier in the week so we knew we had to be up for this.”
If you were to try and predict this game’s outcome by the first half of play, you would be crazy to say it would be this one sided by the end of it. With the halftime score only being 5-3, the fans, along with the players were surely expecting a grinder between two teams who seemed to be very evenly matched and played a very solid first half.  But, with Sky View winning both of the second half face-off’s which lead to two goals within the first minute of the game, Lehi, in the words of their Head Coach Cameron Saban, “They [Sky View] got into our heads a little bit, and we made some uncharacteristic mistakes. Sky View had a very good game plan on defending our middies, so I felt we needed a lot better middie play. We dropped balls and made a lot of turnovers in the fourth. We made a lot of mistakes in the fourth and they didn’t make many.”

Sky View Attackmen Brock W. Halling c/o Rick Parker
Sky View Attackmen Brock W. Halling c/o Rick Parker
The game quickly got out of hand for Lehi. With Sky View’s first two goals coming within a minute of the start of the second half, the Pioneers stopped communicating, and quickly became frustrated. With missed passes, turnovers in amounts almost doubling Sky View’s total, and not capitalizing on opportunities when they presented themselves on offense, it made the fact Lehi won more faceoff’s a non-factor.
“Usually when you win more face-offs, you do better on offense. But with us we would win the face-off’s, but we would miss passes… So we would win the face, but would miss the ground ball or miss the pass that followed,” Lehi Junior Face Off Middie Steven Schoebinger said. “We made a lot of mental mistakes.”
The mistakes of a Lehi team that’s sports only four seniors played right into the hands of a veteran Sky View squad. Sky View was very opportunistic on the day; intercepting passes for goals, winning the ground ball battles, and communicating both offensively, and defensively. Their ears were pinned back at the first sight of a deflated Lehi team.
“We fed off each other when someone made a good play,” Senior Middie Kyle Jorgensen said. “We played as a team and just out-hustled our opponent.”
“We played a great game, and we controlled the tempo,” Junior Bryant Cannell said, who, along with Senior Shane Canfield, combined for more than half of Sky View’s points on the day. Cannell had 5 goals, 2 assists and Canfield had 3 goals, 3 assists.
“Shane and I have been working together since 6th and 7th grade, so we have great chemistry,” said Cannell. And that chemistry was apparent throughout the team’s play. From Sophomore Goalie Phillip Cannell barking out orders to the defense to help him reach a 58.3% save percentage, to Sky View’s offense playing fast and confident lacrosse throughout.
The youth of Lehi was let down and frustrated by the two goals to start the second half.  Before those two goals to start the second half, they were matching goal for goal with the Bobcats of Sky View. In fact, their first two goals were intercepted off Sky View Goalie Phillip Cannell’s clear’s. With the Pioneers waiting and watching his eyes, they played the passes perfectly and ran right in to one-on-one shot opportunities against the goalie. With that aggressive style of play, they could have kept this game close if they simply kept their heads up after those two second half starting goals.
Lehi did have a good burst of energy late in the third, which gave them hope for a comeback. With two quick turnover’s from Sky View, the Pioneers set up on offense and got a goal out of one of them. The same play that lead to a solid first half, was being shown again in the third.  But just as quickly as it came, it faded into the mountains that graced the background that on added to such a beautiful day of lacrosse. Sky View quickly recovered, and after each mistake made the necessary adjustments to lead them to their fifth win of their, so far, undefeated season.
This game had all the potential to be a game to remember, but by the end of it, it simply looked like a game with one team who never gave up, and one team that simply lost their fire to win.

  1. Interesting that you consider that Lehi is young and Sky View is a veteran squad when they have 4 seniors 11 juniors and 8 sophomores; and Sky View has 5 seniors 11 juniors and 6 sophomores. Also Sky View only has 5 returning varsity players.

  2. Being a ‘veteran’ goes beyond the years in high school. Sky View played poised, and aggressive lacrosse even when they saw some adversity. Lehi, after a solid first half, crumbled after two early second half goals. While Sky View did only have one more senior, they played a much more veteran style of game. Taking the opportunities presented, and capitalizing when they had an opportunity.
    I can see how the way I worded the statement made it seem like The teams were vastly different in class years, but the point I was trying to make, and should’ve hit harder on, was they were playing like a much older team.
    Hope this answered your question. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at:
    Have a great day!

  3. Interesting how their is no mention of the nearly flawless defense played by sky view and more specifically tanner duryea’s job in shutting down a player with 30+ points in 7 games. I feel like this is a reoccurring theme.

  4. I wanted to make a point of Sky View’s overall chemistry.
    Hence: “Sky View was very opportunistic on the day; intercepting passes for goals, winning the ground ball battles, and communicating both offensively, and defensively. Their ears were pinned back at the first sight of a deflated Lehi team.”
    Tanner had a great game, I even asked his thoughts after the game. The things he said were said by his teammates. I should have mentioned him in the article. But I cannot go back in time, so my apologies to you, and Mr. Duryea.
    And to Tanner, I applaud you for your game. It was quite impressive. You and your team deserve all the credit for this win.

  5. As a northern team it is hard to get coverage like this. We appreciate you coming to our game and doing this story. It gave a pretty good idea of what went on and how momentum shifted. Thanks for the story and keep helping to grow the game!

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