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Sky View Defeats Bonneville 14-6

Sky View
c/o Scott Huskinson

When a No. 1 team plays a No. 2, the differences are usually very miniscule. It might be the one goal in an overtime game that made the difference, or maybe even a single vote from the coaches. But for Tuesdays match-up between Bonneville and Sky View, the differences were much easier to notice and definitely showed for the 14-6 final score. Sky View came out early and never let off the pedal. Their offense, defense, coaching, and even fans were there and showing why they were the number one team.
“We were really gelling out there,” Sky View Head Coach Troy Oldham said. “Our offense and defense really showed up today. We played great and I’m very proud of these boys.”
Sky View started early with the first three goals of the game coming from their stud Attackman Brock Halling. All three of his goals to start off the game came right where the “crease monkey” calls home.

Sky View
c/o Scott Huskinson
For his second goal of the game, Sky View’s MVP-esque goalie Phillip Cannell blocked a shot from Austin Croyle, then cleared it to Jordan Israelson who found Halling right in front of the net who went on to rip the second goal of the game. Shots like that were common and literally left the nets ripped. Halling, and the rest of this Sky View offense were on absolute fire all day and left no doubt in anyone’s mind who the number one team was.
“They [Bonneville] came ready to play, but we just set the tone really early in the game,” Halling said after the game. “Today was a complete team effort, we were able to put it all together and get a solid win.”
And while Sky View definitely looked absolutely dominant on offense, they were absolutely smothering on defense making sure turnovers were todays big win. Bonneville just could not get things going. Sky View won the day with turnovers, time of possession, and the most important stat: Points.
“We came out with the jitters. That was the first time we played a number one team in a while and we over anaylized the game. Once we settled down our passing got better. But we need to work on things and we’ll get on that and be ready for Logan on Thursday,” Bonneville Head Coach Chase Hanchett said. “We needed this. This will definitely light our fire for the rest of our season.”
The Bonneville Lakers really didn’t show up in the first half and Sky View knew exactly how to take advantage of that.
With Brock Halling already earning a hat trick in the first quarter, Bryant Cannell added two more goals and three assists to his solid day, as well.
Turnovers and poor ball control really killed Bonneville especially in the first half. With a second quarter turnover by Bonneville which lead to another Jordan Israelson assist to Brock Halling, the Sky View boys just looked like they knew exactly what Bonneville was going to do and pounced.
“We knew these guys averaged 12 goals a game and knew we had to play good team defense. We all had each other’s backs and worked on individual assignments all week,” Jordan Israelson said. “Bonneville fought till the end of the game and that made us play to the end, too.”
The second half was much stronger for Bonneville. From the first faceoff, they took the ball right down the field for Austin Croyle who also less than two minutes later drove down in an almost identical play for the second goal for his team on the day.
Bonneville wasn’t giving up just yet.
The Lakers played better team offense, defense, and were looking like the number two team for a large part of the second half.
But, for whatever reason, they still could not get their issues settled when it came to ball control. The entire game was filled with bad cradling, and even worse turnovers. But, probably what hurt them the most were the shots that were described by Bonneville Head Coach as “shots to the feet of defenders and the goalie” really took its toll on a team who definitely had some missed opportunities when the lights shone brightest.
The fourth quarter really just went Sky View’s way. With Bryant Cannell dishing one of his assists to Bryce Law for a beautiful goal set up by some nifty jukes on the right side of the cage 16 seconds into the fourth, the fans and teams knew that Sky View was very well deserving of the number one ranking.
“We expected  Bryant [Cannell] but really overlooked their attack a lot,” Bonneville Defender Cayden Beyer.
Midfielder Alex Croyle added on to that by saying, “We knew they were Middie driven, but we weren’t enough of a threat on offense. We came out flat and they came out striking.”
Throughout the game, Sky View proved it was number one. Smothering team defense, absolutely dominating offense, and the ability to drive a strong team like Bonneville to a 14-6 loss really said something about this team from Smithfield. One can only wonder if there is a team that can take down these Bobcats.
“This is our year,” Jordan Israelson said after the game. “We know people are watching us and our record means nothing if we don’t get the state championship at the end of the year.”

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