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Sky View Defeats Copper Hills For First Championship Appearance Since '09

Sky View - Copper Hills

The Copper Hills Grizzlies took on the Sky View Bobcats Tuesday evening at Juan Diego High School. The game included several lead changes and was a close battle from start to finish. The Bobcats outplayed the Grizzlies just enough to head home with their 19th straight win. The final score was 13-10.
It was clear from the opening faceoff that each team was prepared for this match-up and would play a physical. Copper Hills attackman Tanner Skadburg was the first to score. Defense for both teams was not going to make it easy. Sky View brought the game to a tie when attackman Bryce Law scored, assisted by midfielder Bryant Cannell. In just 20 the Bobcats took the lead. Copper Hills tied the game back up quickly. Scoring once more, Sky View ended the quarter on top.
Sky View - Copper Hills
“We knew Copper Hills was a hustle team,” said Sky View Head Coach Troy Oldham. “We hadn’t played them before, but we knew they were going to come out and just hit us as hard as they could.”
Bobcat attackman Brock Halling scored a left-handed goal in the first minute. Defense intensified on both ends of the field and the next goal did not come for six more minutes when Copper Hills attackman Samuel Taylor scored a powerful and unexpected shot. The Grizzlies were able to score again to bring it back within one, but with just 24 seconds Bobcat midfielder William Hansen scored after picking up a rebounded shot.
Syracuse was again quick to score. After a few minutes Copper Hills put in another goal, but that was followed by two Bobcat goals in the next minute and a half. Sky View had a three point lead, but with just over a minute Taylor scored again when Bobcat Goalie Phillip Cannell stepped out to double-cover. Taylor shot two-handed shot over his head with his back to the goal.
The Grizzlies had a fire in eyes as they took the field in the final quarter. In less than 20 seconds, they scored, placing themselves just one point behind Sky View. The Bobcats responded quickly, scoring while man-up. Scoring went back and forth in the fourth quarter and halfway through, the score was 10-11.
Sky View had possession of the ball for most of the next few minutes and continued to set up plays to shoot the ball, but failed to connect. With just over two minutes, attackman Stockton Huskinson scored, assisted by midfielder Ben Watteyne. Win 1:02 in the game, the Bobcats sealed the deal when Watteyne assisted Law to finish the game off at 13-10.
“We started a little slow, but we figured it out in the end,” continued Oldham. “Boy, they never let down though. I couldn’t be prouder of our boys. Two years ago we sat down and wrote goals. They all said they want to go to state. It took us two years to get here, but they kept talking about that in the huddle. It’s a credit to them coming together as a team.”
Bobcat attackman Bryce Law lead the team with four goals, including the first and the last. “I played badly against East, and I was really trying to get my head in this one,” said Law. “This is the farthest we have gone as a team so it meant a lot to us. I feel like we wanted it just a little bit more than Copper Hills.”
Sky View will take on the Syracuse Titans in the D-II championship in Park City on Saturday, May 17 at 4pm. This will be the second time the teams meet this season. Sky View won that game 8-5. This is also the second year in a row that the two teams match-up in the playoffs. The Titans came out on top, winning 9-5 in the quarterfinals.
“We are playing Syracuse,” stated Oldham. “Great team, we have played them before. We know it’s a little different landscape. Coach [Jay] Meyer, I admire the heck out of him. What an amazing guy. We know Syracuse is a great team, well coached. They don’t have a lot of kids, but they all seem to produce.”

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  1. Are these the best referees Utah has to offer? They don’t even know what to call. They call penalties on legal hits. The players and coaches know more about the rules then the referees. The referees need to go and learn about lacrosse. Watch lacrosse on the weekends, lacrosse is a phyical game. Don’t tell me that you should not let them effect the game. I can’t take it anymore. Get better referees! Have some pride in the game of lacrosse and be willing to get better. What you are doing now is just not right for the players. Embarrassing!!!

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