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Sky View Routs Idaho Falls 19-3

Idaho Falls v. Sky View Boys Lacrosse
c/o Rick Parker

Idaho Falls took the long 140 mile trip down to Sky View where they were greeted by a fast, vicious attack led by Junior Attackmen Bryant Cannell, who scored 5 goals and had 5 assists on the day and helped lead his team to a whopping 19-3 victory.
“We started off slow, but after we started communicating and passing we were able to takes shots near the crease,” Cannell said. “We knew we could handle them athletically. We just needed to possess the ball to control the game.”
Sky View didn’t start with a whole lot of offensive possession time. For the first seven minutes or so, Idaho Fall’s kept possession of the ball, but couldn’t get the shots they needed to hold back a fast, skilled Sky View team.
“We are really only running five varsity players right now. We graduated 12 seniors last year, so basically we are filling a varsity team with J.V. players,” Idaho Fall’s Head Coach John Kramer said. “Our inexperienced showed. We had a lack of communication and stick skills. Most of these kids just don’t have the experience of other teams.”
Coach Kramer hit it right on the head. The communication of Idaho Fall’s seemed to be limited to the halftime talk by their coach and the ‘good game’ handshakes right after. They weren’t talking on offense or defense, and against a team like Sky View, that is a dangerous mix that ultimately led to their downfall. Once Sky View got going, they kept the pressure on and left very little opportunity for their opponents. It started with a great goal by Sophomore Brock Halling who, at the 8:06 mark, got one of Sky View’s fist offensive possessions of the day and stormed down the field with an intensity only matched by the wind blowing at his back for an incredible goal. Offensively, Sky View knew they had them beat; they just had to go out and play a game their Head Coach Troy Oldham called, “a game that could be played in the state championship.”

Idaho Falls v. Sky View Boys Lacrosse
c/o Rick Parker
Very little can be said about Idaho Falls performance today. They are a team who did not match up well against this Sky View team, and they faced an offensive onslaught that did not stop. Sky View did well defensively, as well. Led by Junior Tanner Duryea, this Bobcat defense was like a brick wall the entire game.
“We did a good job today. We had a few mistakes in the first half with communications, fast breaks and stuff, but we came out of halftime with some adjustments and did a lot better,” Duryea said. “We really played a good game.”
The second quarter wasn’t any better for Idaho Falls. With an amazing second quarter goal by Cannell where he literally tip-toed in-front of the crease, the Bobcats were scoring every way possible, when really one way would have been enough against this Idaho Falls team. Going into halftime, Sky View was in complete control. But, the game isn’t over until it’s over, and they kept the pressure on, and did not let Idaho Falls get any opportunities. But, Idaho Falls did have three good plays setting up their only points of the day. All of their goals were really beautiful looking shots. The few holes Sky View did leave, they took advantage of with a shot that made them remember they knew a thing or two about lacrosse, as well.
“We didn’t play well. We need to come together as a team and if we do that we will do better,” Idaho Falls Face-Off Middie Brian Dixon said. “I thought we could handle them, and for the first part of the first quarter we did, but somewhere along the line, we just lost it.”
It was less of a scoring frenzy in the second half, especially the fourth quarter, but the lead was just too much for Idaho Falls to overcome. The Eagles just looked worn out, beat, and out played.
This was a very solid win for Sky View, and after two losses to Division I teams, they can pick their heads back up knowing they did a great job against a team that was in their same division of play.

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