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Stevenson Ready to Take Over at East

The 2011 version of the East High Leopards will have a new look after hiring Pete Stevenson to take the helm. Stevenson played goalie at Orem High School. Following high school he played goalie, and later attack, for Utah Valley University and BYU. After college, Coach Stevenson directed both high school and college lacrosse programs as well as coaching his alma mater 1997, 2001 and 2009, Lone Peak high school in 2003, Mountain View high school in 2006. Stevenson also coached at the college level when he was a coach at BYU in 2007 and 2008 and the University of Colorado in 2010.
Returning to Utah for the 2011 high school season, Stevenson shares his thoughts about the Leopard’s lacrosse program.
Utah Lacrosse News: What made you want to take the head coach position for East High?
Pete Stevenson: I helped run a youth summer clinic with the East program last summer and loved the experience. I had planned on not coaching for a couple of years, but really enjoyed my time with the parents and players at East and so I asked if they would be interested in hiring me.
ULN: What are your thoughts about East’s 2010 season?
PS: I am pretty varied in my thoughts about this year. I am very optimistic about our team goals and my own personal goals. We have the chance to be better than East has ever been and I think that we have the right mix of players to accomplish that. The parent committee has really made this a season that I can concentrate on coaching and not have to worry about all the other things that tend to bog down a coach and so I think that will positively reflect on how our team is focused this year.
ULN: What are the team’s greatest strengths and areas for improvement?
PS: I really have no basis for answering this question. I don’t know what they are good at, I don’t know what they are bad at. I will imagine that we will learn that pretty quick here. So far I have been very impressed with how fast they have adapted to the new system. It can sometimes be pretty difficult to learn new plays and drills and all the other vocabulary a new coach brings in, but they have taken to it quite well. I am sure all the aspects of their game still need to improve.
ULN: What are you expectations for this season and who do you think will be your biggest opponent?
PS: My expectations are pretty simple. Improve greatly. I don’t really care about winning games this year. That seems to be easy one week and hard the next. If we can learn how to play lacrosse at a high level, one week at a time, we will be successful. We are lucky to be in a conference that everyone goes to the playoffs, so we will see how much we can improve before May. I don’t really have a biggest opponent this year. I am excited to play Judge because of the closeness of the schools. There is a lot of crossover there. Juan Diego will be fun because of the friendship I have with Coach Lambert. West is a big game and we play my alma mater Orem before the BYU v Utah game in Provo and that should be a great experience. But nothing really stands out as far as a circled game on the calendar.
ULN: Any other thoughts?
PS: Thanks for the opportunity to answer some questions. Excited to be at East and put in place a system that I think will lead to better lacrosse and better people coming from the East program.

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