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Storm ULA Boys Coaches Poll – Week 6 – April 8, 2014

Storm LacrosseUtah Lacrosse News is proud to partner with Storm Lacrosse for the 2014 ULA Boys Coaches Poll. In D-I, Juan Diego and Park City are tied in points for the No. 1 spot. Waterford enters the polls at the No. 4 spot. In D-II, Sky View stays the favorite with Syracuse, Bonneville and American Fork closing the gap. The polls could change significantly this week with several ranked teams going head-to-head.

Rank Team Record Points Movement Points +/-
T-1 Juan Diego (5)
Waterford (L), Park City (W), Brighton (L)
8-3 23 -2
T-1 Park City
Juan Diego (L)
4-3 23 +3
3 Skyline (1) 6-1 13 -2
4 Waterford (1)
Juan Diego (W), Highland (W)
4-1 12 NR +6
5 Herriman
Riverton (W), Davis (W)
5-2 10 +3

Teams Receiving Votes:
Bingham (6 pts.), Davis (2 pts.), Riverton (1 pt.)

Rank Team Record Points Movement Points +/-
1 Sky View (6)
Bishop Gormon (NV) (W)
9-0 69
2 Syracuse
Judge (W)
5-3 57 +2
3 Bonneville 5-2 49 +7
4 American Fork (1)
Timpanogos (W)
9-1 48 +11
5 Copper Hills
Pocatello (W)
4-3 28 -2
6 Northridge 3-1 27 -2
7 East
Roy (W), Desert Hills (W)
6-1 24 -2
8 Fremont 5-3 21 -1 -5
9 Weber 4-4 20 -2 -6
10 Logan 2-5 14 NR +3

Teams Receiving Votes:
Lehi (11 pts.), Woods Cross (7 pts.), Box Elder (4 pts.), Roy (3 pts.), West Jordan (3 pts.)
How the Poll Works:
Each week Coaches vote on their Top 5 or Top 10. The first place team is given 5/10 points and the 5th/10th place team gets 1 point. The teams are then ordered by how many points they get.
Comment below and let us know what you think of the Top 10 poll. Who would be your Top 10?

  1. Juan Diego should have dropped the top seat with two losses. A big loss to Waterford should put them at two and the loss to Brighton was embarrassing. No question.

  2. @piercewalker:disqus who would you put ahead of Juan Diego? Do you put Waterford, with a loss to Syracuse, ahead? Do you put PC ahead, who JD beat? Do you put Skyline ahead, who lost to PC? Having seen all the teams play, except Riverton, I would have to say this poll is pretty close. There are plenty of interesting games coming up that will help weed out the top of D1.

  3. My rankings as of today would be – Waterford, JD, PC, Bingham, Skyline … PC really dropped the ball last Thursday at JD … JD is better than what they showed vs Brighton on Saturday, but after playing 2OT’s vs Waterford and a sloppy yet grueling game vs PC during the week before the state #1 … there was nothing left in the tank.

    1. Good points @Jeffrey W Brzoska:disqus I have to agree. Skyline has a tough schedule coming up with JD today, then Bingham and Judge back to back. Waterford has Bingham and Judge. PC has Brighton today.
      As much as I hate polls because they really don’t mean anything: look at UCONN, it’s still kinda fun to speculate.

      1. I would argue that polls mean something. It’s a good way for a team to gauge where they are. Your UCONN example simply means there were other teams more likely to win but they were #18 in the final poll. Using a ratio of #18 in a pool of 300+ teams would equate to a Top 5 team in Utah lacrosse which means that any of the teams in this Top 5 could win the championship. I would agree to that. I would also argue that the #1 team is more likely to win then the #5, just a like #1 seed is more likely to win then a #7 seed, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Also, if you look at the final poll from last season, taken after the season, not after the playoffs, it was JD 1, LP 2, Brighton 3, Alta 4. Guess who the semifinal teams were? JD, LP, Brighton, Alta. Who was in the championship? JD and LP. Who won? JD 🙂 – In D-II, Herriman 1, Skyline 2, Waterford 3, Syracuse 4. Those were the semifinal teams. However, to your argument, Waterford and Syracuse were in the championships.

        1. I see what you mean. I guess my point is that the polls can be viewed differently by fans versus coaches. I don’t necessarily put much, if any, weight into polls. I don’t want my players to worry about things they can’t control, like where coaches feel like teams rank. Polls can be a nuisance, but I can see how they can be a motivator as well. I think it just depends on the coach.
          I also agree that a team in the Top 5 of each league will win the championship, mostly because the leagues lack parity beyond the top 4-5 teams.

  4. I think the polls between the ULA and UHSLL should be combined into one. The teams are playing each other between leagues and the polls should determine the best team state. Based on what Brighton did to JD in their game, it’s safe to say JD may rank behind the top 4 teams in the UHSLL. Why not combine these.

    1. A few teams have crossed leagues, but not all. There are coaches who vote in this poll who will only play 1 or 2 or even no UHSLL teams and same on the UHSLL side. So how can they say who is the best in the state? If every coach voted (which they don’t), we could combine them because then I think it would be easier. It’s like asking a Pac12 coach to vote in the Mountain West poll.

      1. My power rankings:
        1. Brighton
        2. Corner Canyon
        3. Bountiful
        4. Juan Diego
        5. Alta
        6. Park City
        7. Sky View
        8. Syracuse
        9. Skyline
        10. Waterford

        1. I would move Alta in front of JD and couldn’t put a DII team in the top 10. They may be able to get up for a game to beat a DI team every once in a while but I don’t think they could compete day to day or they would already be DI. Sky View hasn’t beaten a Utah DI team, have they?

          1. Sky View has not, but Syracuse has now beaten Waterford (18-10) and Judge (15-7), but lost to Bountiful, Davis (in OT) and Herriman. It’s a tough thing to pick the Top 10! What’s yours?

          2. Though not in a regular season game Sky View has beaten DI teams. Sky View beat Jordan, Riverton, and Park City in tournament play earlier in the season.

          3. 1.Brighton
            2.Corner Canyon
            5.Juan Diego
            This is where it falls way off.
            7.Park City
            The DII programs are young so they cant be expected to compete with the big dogs. Judge is way down this year and Waterford is really a DII team that got forced to move up. Syracuse beat Judge but Judge isn’t that good this year. When they played Bountiful they went down 17-7.

          4. It’s the same argument as in high school football. It is a numbers game. As a Syracuse fan, I would put our starters up against any team in the state. However, we have a huge drop off after that. We just don’t have the numbers yet to play D-1. But it exciting to see where we are at now and hopefully see us grow as a program.

        2. 1. Brighton
          2. Corner Canyon
          3. Park City
          4. Alta
          5. Juan Diego
          6. Bountiful (gotta see more from them)
          7. Waterford
          8. Skyline
          9. Herriman
          10. American Fork

      2. Any chance the ULA state champion and the UHSLL state champion play each other once it’s all said and done?

        1. I do not think that the top team in UHSLL is interesting in a cross over championship game.

          1. You say that as if the top UHSLL team would be ducking the ULA Champ. The UHSLL top teams are beating the ULA top teams.

          2. I never said ducking, I believe. I said that they would not be interested. I would be a waste of their time.

  5. If I had to combine the leagues in a Power Ranking format, I would do it at follows:
    1. Brighton
    2. Corner Canyon
    3. Park City
    4. Bountiful
    5. Waterford
    6. Juan Diego
    7. Alta
    Everyone else is in another tier.

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