The Stories That Matter Most To The Utah Lacrosse Community

The 2011 Top 10 Most Popular Stories

Fellow Utah Lacrosse News Readers,
I want to thank you for your continued support of Utah Lacrosse News as I and my associates try to continue to promote the sport on a local level. Thank you for your feedback and participation as the site continues to grow. It was about this time last year that I began to formulate the plan to launch a site dedicated to lacrosse in the state of Utah. It has been a wild year! I personally went to 58 games last year not to mention the many games that my staff went to as well. My journey took me to Southern California to watch Utah and BYU play in the Pac 12 Shootout as well as many games from Provo to Logan.
I’m excited for the new year and the things it holds for lacrosse in Utah.
Thanks again,
And now, the 2011 Top 10 Most Popular Stories on Utah Lacrosse News:
10. The 2011 Championships Live Blog – Link
The 2011 High School Lacrosse Championships was one of the best days of lacrosse the state has seen. Each game was full of story lines and great highlights. The live blog is a tool people used to follow the action without being at the event. It is rumored that people heading to the games were using it on their phones to catch the action.
9. Under Armour Player Glove – Link
Under Armour hit the lacrosse gear market with the debut of the Player Glove among many other great products. With a little help from our friends at Sweet Sweet Lax, this post was one of the most popular of 2011. The fact that another major manufacture is getting involved in the sport will only drive competition to make better gear.
8. BYU v. Boise State Highlights – Link
After a big game from the Cougars, which set them off on the right foot to the MCLA Championship, the friends at Prodigy Network hooked us up with a sweet highlight reel of the action.
7. An Amazing Goalie Save – Link
This came across my twitter feed one day back in July so I thought I would share it on the site. As it turns out, it was one of the more popular videos of the year. While it wasn’t based in Utah, I couldn’t resist sharing it with everyone.
6. Judge v. Juan Diego Prodigy Play of the Game – Link
This was one of the best moments of 2011 in my opinion. Judge and Juan Diego played an extremely tight game as evidenced by the game going into Double Overtime. Both teams fought hard but it was eventually Brian Allen who put home the game winner. Also, this highlight was brought to you by Prodigy Network again with Dave Brattin and Mike Pappas on the call which makes the highlight even better.
5. Spanish Fork v. Timpanogos 2011 D-II State Championship Highlights – Link
This was an amazing game to witness and the highlights are even better. Shot by my friend Nano Lara, this highlight reel does not disappoint.
4. Easton Raptor Helmet – Link
Easton delved into the lacrosse gear market this season and did it with a bang. It’s an interesting design and has some great features. We’ll see how it pans out this season.
3. Utahns Abroad – Link
One of the main reasons I wanted to start this site was to highlight players who played high school lacrosse in Utah and then went outside of Utah to play in college. Obviously I love our college teams here, but I think it’s good to keep track of Utah lacrosse alumni so I started this page to help do that.
2. Remembering Randy Stout – Link
When I found out that Lone Peak Head Coach Randy Stout passed away, I had just come home from covering a game. I remember sitting in my home office contemplating what I could do on the site to help remember the legend that was Coach Stout. I ultimately opted to make a page where people could comment on their fondest memories of Coach Stout. Please take the time to read what people have said and contribute your own if you haven’t already.
1. 2011 Playoff Page – Link
The 2011 playoffs were great and I really enjoyed covering as many games I could. I am thankful to those who commented about the brackets and can’t wait to do it again this year.
What was your favorite lacrosse memory of 2011?

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