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The Utah High School Lacrosse League Announces All-State Teams & All-Americans

For Immediate Release – Utah High School Lacrosse League
UHSLL LogoSalt Lake City, May 6, 2014 – The Utah High School Lacrosse League (UHSLL) today announced the All-State Teams.  We congratulate all these players, their teams and coaches.
UHSLL 2014 All-State Teams
(listed alphabetically)

First Team

Bubba Fairman – Brighton
Harry Waddoups – Corner Canyon
Chandler Wescott – Bountiful

Luke Fairman – Brighton
Chase Oviatt – Alta
Casey Rose – Corner Canyon
Brody Bolerjack – Brighton
Garrett Michaeli – Corner Canyon
Bryson Taylor – Brighton
Face-off Specialist
Jace Thomas – Bountiful
Defensive Specialist
Dylan Pearmain – Brighton
Long Stick Middie
Zack Burbidge – Pleasant Grove
Dalon Hampshire – Bountiful
US Lacrosse All-American
Jace Thomas – Bountiful
Chandler Wescott – Bountiful

Second Team

Jace Babka – Jordan
Josh McNall – Alta
Chandler Stranc – Corner Canyon

Bridger Fisher – Olympus
Ryan Fogarty – Brighton
Tanner Sheide – Lone Peak
Nathan Kenney – Brighton
Jared Kotter – Spanish Fork
Mason Tincher – Lone Peak
Face-off Specialist
Zack Frankowiak – Corner Canyon
Defensive Specialist
Tanner Smith – Lone Peak
Long Stick Middie
Nick Carrigan – Brighton
Kade Arbon – Corner Canyon
About the UHSLL
The Utah High School Lacrosse League (UHSLL) was organized to create a self-governed high school lacrosse league.  Each program is independently organized and run.  Programs collectively have organized a cooperative that provides structure to compete in high school level athletics.  We follow all rules of play as stipulated by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS). The Utah High School Lacrosse League (UHSLL) is a private corporation formed under the laws of the State of Utah.
  1. I don’t know why folks are so surprised. If you look back at some of the initial concerns when this league was formed, it was put together by folks who like to get their way. Shouldn’t be a shocker that this manifests itself in other ways….

  2. I probably watch more games and look at more stats than anybody not named Tim Haslam. I will not put down any player or say anthing about the politics of Utah lacrosse, but I will offer up what I think.
    Bubba Fairman is by far the best player on the best team in the state and should have been an AA. The following players should definately be on this list somewhere (and I will not say who should be taken off) … Stout, Q, Lund, Barnhill
    If, it all comes down to stats for people when it comes to their vote … I think UHSLL needs to do a much better job on posting things to help the voters and the public opinion … I for one want to see a breakdown of what the players did in every game and how many quarters they played in each game. 12 points in 4 quarters in a game vs a lower level team is not the same as a 5 points in 3 quarters in a game vs an upper level team to me.
    Congrats to Chandler, Jace, and all All-State selections and good luck in the playoffs !!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think it’s good when someone of your stature offers their insights and observations. I certainly agree with you. Unfortunately, when there are such obvious slights (and I’m not entirely convinced that it isn’t one of the CC kids who deserved the second AA spot after Bubba — I’m pretty sure folks would be debating that one if not for the complete shocker over Bubba), it leaves folks to wonder what on earth happened. Close calls are one thing. But this shouldn’t have been close. Our two precious AA spots are awarded to the third (or so) best team in the league? It should leave everyone scratching their head. Although you are charitable to leave politics out of it, I don’t think the league helped themselves with this one. It would be interesting to see how each of the coaches voted. If I am Brighton and CC parent (and I am one of those), I am second guessing what we’ve gotten ourselves into.
      That said, congrats to all the players. They are all really terrific players.

  3. They all complained about transparency and equality and left. They never posted anything about their awards. It looks like their director just picked his players. In my opinion, they made a joke out of utah high school lacrosse when they separated and this seals the deal.

    1. What makes me laugh about this is that this happens every year. Do you forget that Chandler was an All American last year and Jace was an All American as a sophomore! Transparency? Equality? What do you mean. All the coaches voted in this process and picked the 2 people they did. Does everyone agree with it probably not, but that is nothing new to this process and the bottom line is every coach had a vote. I also know that the coaches waited 40 minutes for one coach to be on the conference call so that everyone was represented. I do know however that everyone in that league absolutely has a say in everything that happens. Them leaving has brought changes to the ULA league for the better and I think opened peoples eyes to some of the wrongs that were being done. So you don’t personally agree with who was selected that doesn’t mean they have made a joke out of Utah Lacrosse. In fact three of those teams represented Utah well on out of state ventures.
      What would you like posted about the awards? The stats please see the UHSLL website everything is on there.

      1. How do I view what players did against specific teams … All I can find are yearly totals … Thanks

        1. You are correct, something that will be fixed in the future I am sure and if it isn’t that would be a shame. Although I do think coaches for the most part don’t look simply at the stats at least I hope not.

          1. When we are trying to sell others on voting for our players … YES … Stats are a big part of the selection process … BUT, stats need to be quoted in a different light than just the player scored 100 points in 15 games.

    2. As it turns out, both organizations are apparently run by humans and they both have the mistakes and failings that is human nature.
      I’m not sure the UHSLL has accomplished what it set out to do either. That said, like you, I’m not sure what they exactly set out to do. I know there was some unhappiness with the blackout rule, but that got changed before the split. Since then, I haven’t really heard anything from anyone that has made any sense, and I’ve talked to quite a few parents and coaches in both leagues trying to make sense of this. At this point, it is what it is. Unfortunately, the one thing that I see is that in having two leagues we have only further exacerbated a problem that is always lurking in any youth or high school sport — the coaches have an enormous amount of power over the kids and families in their program. Fortunately, both leagues for the most part have great coaches who really think about their kids first. That said, I worry that with two leagues, we have really upset the balance between the power of the league and the power of the coaches when there is a problem. Think about it, how is either league supposed to enforce their rules or address issues? Neither league is going to have the stones to do anything to any of its coaches at this point. The UHSLL is barely large enough to be viable, they can’t afford to lose any teams and the ULA for sure would hate to see any more defections from its DI teams. You can see the pressures building: coaches might ignore the rules on how many games they are allowed to schedule; coaches dictate to their kids that if they want to play varsity they have to join a certain club team — which by the way, they have some of their same coaches on; limits on practice get ignored; players are recruited between leagues; and so on and so forth. It may not all come out this year or next, but you can see it coming. I don’t know how this sorts out, but I think whatever small problems this second league was formed to solve, it has opened Pandora’s box for much worse. I just hope cooler heads figure it out and we get back to one league — whatever that may look like.

      1. Anon, there is a ton of truth to what you just said. I have heard that there are already teams that are interested in going back to ULA. ULA wasn’t perfect, but all I heard was black out and there were a few people making to much money at the top of ULA. I’m wondering how much those folks are making on there new league. Nobody expects them to do what they are trying to do without being compensated fairly, but this sounds a lot like what happened to Club Hockey 12 years ago in this state. Set that sport back about 10 years. Very sad to see what egos and money are doing to Lax in this state.

  4. The voting was done using the actual statistics. There were no favorites or politics in the system. It all came down to the actual final statistics.

  5. It’s time that we follow what the east coast Does in the better leagues . They wait until after the playoff are done. Then the real players who takes their teams to the state championships get the true accolades. This whole process need to be changed. I have seen too many coaches kids getting AS and AA too many times the last 6 yrs …teams that never made the playoffs or just because they have padded their stats by playing weaker teams. Why did we go to this new league???????????????

  6. Many of the real politics played out when the conferences voted. Corner Canyon kids were overlooked when the voting happened then. The 3 defensive starters and the LSM from Brighton were all 1st team. If you compare that to the 3 defensive starters and LSM from Corner Canyon only 1 was a 1st team selection. If you compare the 11 games where Corner Canyon and Brighton played the same teams this year, Corner Canyon had 66 goals scored on them and Brighton had 70 scored on them. I am not saying that the Brighton players did not deserve what they were awarded, I am saying that the Corner Canyon kids were overlooked at that point.
    As far as stats go. No one believes the ACTUAL FINAL STATS. They are manipulated by the parents involved. This stats crap is daddy ball at its best.

  7. This list seems to be very controversial list of AA and All-State Players.
    We just moved to Utah from Maryland.
    I have been attending the local high school and college lacrosse games out of withdrawal. I played lacrosse my whole life and coached up until the move.
    I think I go to a lax game every night that there is a game. Plus it is how my wife and I stay married.
    What is Bountiful’s connection with the above selections? They have a lot of players for being a very average team. I have attended Bountifuls games a handful of times this year and the only player who stood out was their Faceoff Specialist.
    Brighton and Corner Canyon are the two best teams and the best teams to watch.
    I don’t know many of the local players by name.
    I can tell you is that I remember Bubba because he is a standout. I remember is name because it is yelled so often during games and plus it is catchy. He is absolutely the best player in Utah, no contest. He could play anywhere in the country and be one of the best players on any team.
    Corner Canyons and Pleasant Grove have the best LSMs in the state. I would say Corner Canyons LSM is a better pure lacrosse player.
    Brighton and Bountiful have the best Face-Off Specialists. They both seem to control the faceoffs at will.
    Brighton has the best goalie. I don’t know who is second.
    As far as defense I would say Corner Canyon is the best followed closely by Brighton.
    Brighton trail checks way too much and their defense always seems to be in the penalty box leaving their goalie to make one or two maraculous saves a game.
    Although Brightons defense is getting better as the season has gone on.
    I am not sure how they select the players but this is the way I see it.
    My wife and I thank you for feeding my lacrosse addiction.

    1. Are you attending only the new UHSLL league games or have you watched players in the ULA league?

  8. This is a bunch of crap Zack Frankowiak should have not gotten 2nd team all state. I beileve Ryan Robley or Logan Lund should of got it. They are a lot better face off guys. All i have to say is there is a lot of daddy ball.

    1. Dave, if you think those two are better than Jace Thomas, the best face-off guy in this state or any surrounding state, you are nuts. The one place there is no debate is at face off. That kid beat everyone by a lot. Wasn’t even close.

  9. Oh my god we should all be ashamed of our selves :-((( These poor kids. They play their hearts out now we have a bunch of parents bickering about who’s better. All of theses players deserve to be recognized. All these daddys should work on fixing the process !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. One more comment wait until ULA Releases their awards I can’t wait to see what parents from the UHSLL starts ripping into those players and comparing them. Here is a novel idea lets get the senior all stars from ULA AND UHSLL to play . Because we know know Brighton or CC would not play the state champion from the ULA WHO EVER IT IS.

  11. Give me a break!
    Laxer POP’s son must be on this list or he is apart of this broken system!
    Don’t say these poor kids, like they have given something they deserve.
    You are suggesting that the players that were overlooked don’t work hard?
    If anything the players who have worked hard have not received what they deserve.
    They have been over looked because their Dads are not coaching or on some mysterious board.
    If anything the players who actually deserve the awards and where overlooked not because of their work ethics but because of politics and nepotism.
    You are telling me that you think that Bubba Fairman does not deserve to be All-American. Try saying that with a straight face.
    There is no way anyone with common sense can’t see that there is an inherent flaw in this system. A system where a players father is a head coach and runs the league and also picks the All-American.
    It just so happen that his son and another player on his team sweeps the category. Really! That seems super legit. It little league all over again.
    You are suggesting that Garrett Bullet, who is the best LSM, does not work hard. Garrett did not win anything. Oh yeah his Dad does not coach a team.
    Everyone understands Jace choosen as AS but you are telling me that Logan Lund, Josh Homer or Ryan Robley don’t work hard. They are not on the list and statically are better at face-offs. So do you use stats or don’t use stats? I am confused. I guess their Dads are not on the board.
    You can’t hide behind the smoke and mirrors of stats. You seem to only use stats when they benefit your argument and then disregard them when they don’t serve your purpose.
    Please don’t defend your back door dealings by hiding behind these poor kids. You are insulting are intelligence.
    Where are the coaches standing up for what is right instead of what is easy.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. I dont think anyone is suggesting the players not on the list don’t work hard. What is being talked about is the fact that enough of the coaches voted to put these kids on the list that you should leave them alone. Come up with a way to help fix the system rather than speaking about what kids should and shouldn’t be on the list. The system used by the UHSLL was no different than what has been used in the past by the ULA so again this is not a product of the league this is a product of a system. I think what people should be talking about right now is how can we fix this rather than what kid should or should not be on the list. As I have followed high school lacrosse over the last several years there are always folks such as yourself that want to argue the merit of the boys selected. Rather than say someone deserves it over someone else why not offer some opinion as to how it can be fixed. There are going to be names on the ULA teams that people wont agree with and all anyone will talk about was how someone got robbed or how it is crazy joe player got that award. Why not say hey the system is broken here is how it can be fixed. Stop bashing individuals and focus how things can be made to rectify this from happening again.

      1. I total agree with you but they need to want to fix it first.
        I think this is the worst year.
        I believe if you asked the same coaches who they we choose to lead their team, to be in goal, to face-off their answers would be very different.
        Now that the lacrosse community is vocal about their outrage of this years selections, the coaches are pointing their fingers at the others. The Coaches are acting like they had nothing to do with it.
        Some of the changes that could be easy.
        -Appoint an outside selection committee
        i.e. Brad Lavoie, Tim Haslam (NOT travel team coaches)
        -Each coach submits their 3 top players at each position
        Coaches cannot submit anyone from their own team
        Strength of schedule matters
        Minutes played
        Then the stats would not be so outlandish.
        Tally it up and then let the committee decide
        There are a few suggestions. The problem is no one is listening. As long as the sons of the coaches are receiving the awards it won’t change.

        1. I think some of your ideas are worth looking into. Hopefully they read these don’t get offended and look into making it a better process.
          I am not sure that you can have coaches nominate from other teams. The coaches that are with those kids may have some information that the outside coaches wont. That is the toughest one in my opinion. Plus what if a kid doesn’t play against an opponent?
          By the way did you see the ULA All Americans today? Two of the 5 are coaches kids. Different league same results the system is broken not the coaches.

  12. Pretty spirited debate going on in these posts. It got me thinking and you know what the funny thing is? The BOYS know who is best far more than any of the adults. I hear Judge, PC, Brighton, CC, Waterford, and JD boys talking around my kitchen table all year long and if you asked them to tell you who the best players are they could tell you in a heartbeat.
    Just a random thought from a bored executive sitting in an airport. Haha!

  13. Bubba Fairman is the best player in the state, easily. EASILY. How he isn’t AA is a complete ripoff. And where is G Bullett, who is top 10 blackcard and committed D1? This list is ridiculous. Adults stealing things from kids, what a shame.

  14. The problem this creates is that now the teams who have been slighted will look at going back to the ULA, the teams from the ULA who feel slighted will go to the UHSLL, and so on. This is proof of what many of us were already saying: a new league doesn’t solve the problems; coming together as a lacrosse community, talking out our problems like adults, being willing to give and compromise a little, and always keeping in mind that this is about the kids that play will lead us to where we need to go. This offseason we should look at reuniting and getting rid of the rift in the community, and being willing to listen and compromise is what will get us there.

    1. I agree 100%. Let’s be sure that this class of seniors are the only ones who get screwed over by a bunch of adults who missed the art of negotiation class in b-school. I really hope the outcry is big enough to drive these two leagues back together FOR THE BOYS’ SAKE. Unfortunately though, I’m not sure the boys are ever a consideration in the politics of Utah lacrosse.

      1. Sad, but spot on. Well said. Hopefully some coaches can swallow their own pride for the sake of that of their boys and do what is right and put this thing back together.

    2. It would not surprise me if the UHSLL folds, (1) some of the weaker teams in their league will probably find the right competition back in the ULA, possibly D2. (2) there is probably some significant discontent with a few of their power teams due to the post season awards among other things, and if one of them were to go back that could be the end. (3) I don’t know of any additional teams that are looking to move the UHSLL.
      On another subject – Both ULA and UHSLL say they are in favor of sanctioning, does any know if that is correct? If so, does anyone know if either league or jointly they have met with UHSAA? That would be an answer to the league split wouldn’t it?

      1. This is completely word of mouth, but the last I heard, the UHSAA wanted us to have teams in at least half the high schools in the state before further discussing sanctioning, which would be somewhere in the 75-80 range, if I’m not mistaken. For this to happen, we need to expand the game south of Utah County, like Nephi, Price, Sanpete, etc, west into Grantsville and Tooele, east into Vernal (that area’s growing a lot, too), we need areas like St. George to grow so each school can field a team (and expand into Cedar City), and we need areas like Orem (Timpanogos, Orem, Mt. View) and Spanish Fork (Sp. Fork, Maple Mt, Salem Hills, Springville, Payson) to grow and split into individual school teams. We also would need to address struggling teams to make sure they stay afloat and getting girls teams in said areas.
        That’s not to say that the UHSAA couldn’t change their minds or see the benefit of adding it sooner, but that’s the last I personally had heard on the matter. I’m not the most up-to-date and it’s not written in stone, but take it for what it’s worth.

      2. I know that the ULA has been going to the Athletic Director’s conference every year for at least the last 4 years to maintain relationships, discuss a plan, and keep lacrosse in the forefront, should the legislative moratorium on adding more sanctioned sports be lifted. That said, as @disqus_gge0sB9XPE:disqus said, UHSAA is looking for 50% of the schools to not only have a lacrosse team, but actually WANT to have a lacrosse team. I know in the past, schools like Davis have a team, but the school or school district will not recognize them in any way. Not sure if that has changed recently though.
        There are many things I don’t know about when it comes to sanctioning-
        1. What happens to all the coaches? Do they become assistants under the head coach, who is a teacher or admin at the school?
        2. I assume the power that most parent boards currently have goes away, and their new responsibility is fundraising and building a booster club.
        3. How would the classifications be broken down?
        Unfortunately, there isn’t such thing as partial sanctioning. We can’t go to the UHSAA and say; here, this is what we want. We want you to pay for gear, pay for refs, and let us play on campus… but we want to have our own set of rules too. I don’t think it works that way. I for one, am for sanctioning as I think the benefits provide for better opportunities to grow the sport, but until the state finds a bunch more money and they stop shutting down academic teams, I don’t see them funding a new sport.
        I think the focus now should be on growing the sport to new schools and supporting struggling programs. I have tons of ideas on that, but this post is too long already.

  15. Hey everyone if you want to be an all-american next year move to bountiful!

  16. From what I have heard, I think the ULA would welcome the UHSLL teams back. I know they even put the president of UHSLL on the ULA board. If that isn’t an olive branch, I don’t know what is. So many of the coaches in UHSLL are leaving after this year. I hope the new coaches can steer them pack to being a part of the community.

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