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UPDATED: Four Three Utahns Heading to 7th Annual National FaceOff Combine in January

Logan Lund Lacrosse
Logan Lund @ 2012 NFC (Orange Helmet)
The 7th Annual National FaceOff Combine is coming up and will include 4 3 of Utah’s finest FOGOs. The event will take place in Connecticut on January 18-20, 2014. Ryan Robley (Pleasant Grove), Jackson Burton (Park City), Josh Homer (Olympus) and Logan Lund (Brighton) will represent Utah in this edition.
Lund will be heading to the event for the third time.
“I’m excited to get reps with the best faceoff specialists in the country,” said Lund.
“On the field Logan has really improved his lacrosse IQ,” said Brighton Head Coach Brandon Horoba. “He is smarter with the ball when he wins face offs. Away from the field Logan is part of a group of players that really looks out for one another and you can see that he cares about people for more than just being a teammate he considers them to be his brother and to a coach that is great to have that bond on a team.”
Lund finished the 2013 high school season with a 2nd Team All-State FOGO Award.
Burton also featured at last years event, emerging in the 2016 8-man bracket as the top seed and made it to the final matchup before being beaten in the seventh and decisive draw to fellow Westerner and 2016 Champion Chandler Toliver of Washington.
Ryan Robley
Ryan Robley
Robley, who is in his Sophomore year at Pleasant Grove, will be heading to the event for the first time.
“I am very excited to faceoff against some of the top faceoff guys in the nation,” said Robley.
“Ryan Robley is a great example of hard work,” said Pleasant Grove Head Coach Brae Burbidge. “This is a player that has a relentless pursuit of perfection. He is not the strongest, biggest or quickest. But his desire to execute perfectly all the time is amazing. He is also smart enough to know that he can’t do it alone. He works with Jace Thomas all the time to be better. That’s what makes these players so great off the field. They care about this game to the point of helping a competitor. That’s a great thing.”
Both Horoba and Burbidge recognize the value of having a good faceoff specialist.
“If you watch a great face-off player he controls so much of the tempo of the game,” said Burbidge. “Winning a face-off for a team can be both exhilarating or demoralizing. It sets the stage for the control of the ball and progression of a team within a game. There also seems to be a persona that a great face=off guy carries with him and the team seems to adopt.”
“Possessions, simply put a good face off guy can change the game,” said Horoba. “If he keeps winning face offs you can start a run for your own team, stop the other teams run and just give yourself the chance at more possessions.”
UPDATE: Josh Homer, who is a Junior at Olympus, will also be heading to the NFC7 in January. Homer was accidentally left off a list I received from the NFC coordinators. 
“I went back east last summer, and when against some really good competition. I’m just excited to get some more reps against some of the best,” said Homer.
“Josh is a great faceoff specialist who has played well against the top guys in the state,” said Olympus Head Coach Walker Bateman. “He is constantly working on developing his skills.”
Homer has played club ball for the Utah Starz and Utah Blackhawks.
Read the recap from the 2012 event.
From the National FaceOff Combine website:

The National FaceOff Combine has for nearly a decade been the premier event for the top HS FO specialists in the United States.  Our 7th annual National Championship event, NFC7: ALL IN will follow the trend of all our past events that have outdone each other every next year.  NFC7 will bring the event back to the Tri-State area for the first time since NFC4 when it is held at the largest indoor sports facility in Connecticut, the InSports Center in Trumbull.  By this point, hundreds of former NFC competitors have entered the college ranks, some becoming All-Americans and even NCAA Champions.  The objectives of NFC is simple:
1) Identify the top HS FO specialists in the nation.
2) Train the top HS FO specialists in the nation in an advanced and accelerated format to raise their skills to unseen heights.
3) Provide a platform of ultimate competition of the nation’s elite that is otherwise unavailable to these players.
4) Get players recruiting exposure to attending college coaches and for players already committed to schools, get them ready for the college game.

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