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Tradition Breathes New Life Into the Rams

Highland Head Coach Chris Baer
Highland Head Coach Chris Baer
Chris Baer will be taking over as the Highland Rams new Head Coach this upcoming season. He is replacing Walker Bateman, who took the coaching job at Olympus. Baer was the assistant coach to Walker at Highland in 2011. After doing many interviews, the board felt that Baer would be the best fit for the future of the Rams.
Baer comes to the reins of the Rams with a rich history in lacrosse. Baer grew up outside of Philadelphia where lacrosse is a different game than it is out here in the West. Baer started playing when he was in 4th grade.
“The first thing we had to do, even before we could pick up a stick, was to memorize the names of the 6 Iroquois tribes. Once we were able to say them to our coach, he would give us our stick,” said Baer.
Iroquois Conferderacy Flag
Iroquois Conferderacy Flag
Baer attributes his strong passion of lacrosse to this knowledge and respect for the history of the sport. Tattooed on his arm is the flag of the Iroquois Confederacy to remind him where the sport of lacrosse came from and the direction it should be heading.
“Learning the tribes helped me to respect the sport, and gave me the desire to coach lacrosse the rest of my life,” said Baer.
Baer moved to Utah in 2007 and attended Park City High School for his senior year. He played a major role for the Miners whose only loss was to the Bountiful State Champion team. After High School, he had many offers from NCAA D-III Colleges back East, but after some complications, he chose to play for Westminster. When asked about what position he plays, Baer responded that he was, “a Defensive Specialist.” He played LSM in High School and for Westminster, as well as Defensive Mid with a short stick.
With an upbringing centered around lacrosse, Baer will be a serious asset for Highland.
“The thing I am most excited about coaching is to have kids who are excited to learn.”
Of his main focal points for the upcoming season, Baer said, “Teamwork is going to be our focus; both on and off the field. Instead of a team with only two star seniors, I want to make a team of 10 star players.”
Highland is looking to come back to the top of the High School lacrosse world. Baer acknowledges that it is going to take a lot of effort and commitment, but he is certain it can happen.
“Teams go through cycles. I am going to coach to push the players to become D-I again. I am confident that I can get them out of the funk and back on top,” said Baer.
Highland is the D-II Salt Lake Conference, along with East, West, Murray, West Jordan and Waterford.
Photos Courtesy of Westminster College and Wikipedia

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