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Two Seasons Are Enough for Corner Canyon to Claim Class A Title

davis-zwickyIn an incredible show of raw talent and athleticism, the Corner Canyon Chargers defeated the favorite Park City. Perhaps more amazing is that the Chargers were able to pull it off in only their second season as a team.
Going into the season Corner Canyon had set themselves up a challenging season. By the end of the season the challenge payed off. The Chargers matched up against the best teams in the state and made an excellent showing. The team’s schedule included a total of six games against competitors from other states. Not only did they win all six, but the dominated most of the games.
Corner Canyon had just one loss in the regular season. A month and a half ago the Chargers met up with the Park City Miners. The game would eventual decide final seeding for the state championships. In a very close match, the Miners overcame the Chargers 6-7.

The Chargers stepped onto the field with a lot to prove. Competing against the only team to whom they lost would prove difficult. Each team fought hard and the game was close, but Corner Canyon claimed the Class A title on their home field in another one-point match against the Miners.
After the construction of the new school, Corner Canyon had an uncertain future. Corner Canyon Head Coach Mark Davis made the decision to join the program, along with many of the team’s players. Davis had headed the Alta program for the 2012 and 2013 seasons and was no stranger to the championship matchup.
After a strong 2012 season Alta made it to the championship game against Juan Diego. It was a battle to the final seconds of the game, where Juan Diego scored a final goal for the win. The following season, Alta was again bumped by eventual champions Juan Diego early in the playoffs. In Corner Canyon’s inaugural season Davis again led the Chargers to the final round. In yet another one-point matchup, the team was defeated by the Brighton Bengals.
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what was the key to such a successful season for the Chargers, besides a roster packed with talented players. With 47 assists and 36 goals going into the championship round, Matt Graney led the team with an average of 4.15 points per game. Four other players also achieved an average of over two points per game.
One of these key players was Zack Franckowiak who also boasted a 69.11% faceoff win percentage. And no one can count out the efforts of goalie Quinton Mathie. Mathie owned a 61.39% save percentage, allowing only 4.76 goals per game. Mathie had several key saves in the championship game helping boost the Chargers to the top. These and many other excellent players helped the Chargers claim their first championship.

  1. they are just Alta moved south a mile.. same kids (except for the ones they recruit from Juan Diego and Brighton), different name, nothing new. Alta had a good program before Davis came there. It’s just continued on with Corner Canyon.

        1. Its Utah, you get kids and parents trying to chase a championship at all schools, last year it was Brighton with the kid from Judge, this year on the girls side with the chick transferring from skyline to play for another team. I remember in the late 90’s P.C. had some kids from another school transfer for football. It might be true ,but sadly its true at all high schools for the most part.

          1. Reading the last 2 paragraphs of this article notes what a huge impact the Transfer players had for CC …… Matt Graney led the team with an average of 4.15 points per game And no one can count out the efforts of goalie Quinton Mathie. Mathie owned a 61.39% save percentage, allowing only 4.76 goals per game…… Two of their top players were Transfers. Give CC credit, they know how to get top talent to come play for them. And don’t forget last year when they added Casey Rose, a D1 player that had a huge impact. It’s too bad the transfer rules are so soft, my understanding is a transfer should have to sit out a year but everyone is always able to get around it. My guess is after they celebrate this State Championship they’ll be right back out on the recruiting trail! It will be interesting to see who they’ll be able to add to their roster next year.
            Of course our football team has players come from all over to come play and it’s worked out well! =)

          2. Some people here really don’t know what they are talking about or why kids transfer schools, and Matt Graney did have to sit out last year.

          3. Park City and the rest need to quit crying about transfer players. Get your facts straight before writing something and showing your ignorance to the situation. Matt Graney did not play for Juan Diego last year. He lives in Corner Canyon boundaries. When he transferred to Corner Canyon last year he did not play in a single UHSLL Varsity game. Even under the UHSAA rules he would be allowed to play for Corner Canyon this year.
            Quinton Mathie’s parents bought a house in Corner Canyon Boundaries. Again, even under the UHSAA rules he is allowed to transfer to the school of the new home.

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