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ULA Board Of Directors Openings

Utah Lacrosse AssociationFor those interested in the governance and leadership side of lacrosse on a community-wide scale, the Utah Lacrosse Association may have the role for you.
The ULA has several positions open on its Board of Directors that it is looking to fill in the weeks ahead. Applications are being taken through Feb. 5 for three directors with board-level responsibility for ULA’s communications/website functions, volunteer coordination and legal issues.
The ULA Board is an all-volunteer board, which meets approximately six times a year, with individual directors holding committee meetings and participating in ULA events as their positions may require. Each term of office is three years, and board members must be at least 21 years of age and a member of US Lacrosse.
For more information on board position roles and responsibilities or to apply, contact Sarah Spain, chair of the ULA’s Board Development Committee, at
Spain said advertising board positions more pro-actively is a new emphasis of her committee, which reviews and recommends candidates to the full board for election. Two of the advertised positions – communications/website and a pro bono attorney position – are also newly created seats on the board.
“Now that we have a Board Development Committee, we want to change the way we do things – really reach out and give everyone a voice and a chance to be on or at least a part of the board, whether it’s as a director or as a member of one of its committees,” Spain said. “We’re striving to find the right people for the current positions ULA needs and for those opening up in the future.”
Previously, new directors were mostly recruited one-on-one or through word of mouth. That will continue, Spain said, but social media and other organizations provide more ways to better inform the lacrosse community of the opportunities to serve and  get more people involved.
Roles and responsibilities of the positions available may include:
Communications & Website Director

  • Serve as the primary contact for chapter web content related updates, inquiries & changes.
  • Responsible for keeping all website information up to date.
  • Assist chapter with blast emails and electronic correspondence when applicable.
  • Provide the chapter board with reports on website traffic.
  • Work with USL to provide national content on chapter site.

Independent Attorney Director

  • Assist and advise the chapter and the Board as an independent director.
  • Assist with legal issues pertaining to state and federal filings, bylaws, policies, chapter compliance agreements with US Lacrosse and compliance with federal and state laws.
  • The legal counsel member of the board serves in a pro bono capacity and may establish a committee under the Board comprised of other members of the lacrosse community, including additional pro bono attorneys as needed, to bring added legal expertise to the role and lessen the pro bono load on the director.

Volunteers Director

  • Oversee and assist with volunteer recruitment and organizing for ULA events.
  • Head committee that recruits, selects and manages volunteer groups which receive program compensation for staffing major events, including the Ski Town Shootout and state high school championships and all-star games.
  • Assist Events director and staff with volunteer staffing of other ULA events as needed.

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