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ULA Seeks Nominations for Chapter Hall of Fame

Utah Lacrosse AssociationThe Utah Lacrosse Association is seeking nominations for candidates to enter the Utah Chapter Hall of Fame. Nominations can be for individual players, coaches, referees, admins, specific teams (not programs) or general influential lacrosse persons.
The Hall of Fame currently has four members, Mason Goodhand, Soni Bartlett, Dave Allen and Michael O’Malley. 
“Lacrosse is relatively young in Utah but a lot of individuals and teams that have helped grow the game,” said Committee Chairman Dave Brattin. “This is an great opportunity to honor the very best.”
Nominations will be gathered for the next month and then a committee will research and gather information for each nominee then cast a vote. The committee will look to add 1-2 players or teams each year. Those selected to enter the Hall of Fame will be announced at the annual ULA Convention in early 2014.
Nominations should be sent to Dave Brattin –

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